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Last summer, the Urban Mobility Partnership – a coalition of sustainable transport providers – hosted its inaugural summit in Birmingham, to discuss how to incentivise a modal shift towards public transport, micromobility and multi-modal options.

A Smart Port is a port that uses automation and innovative technologies including Artificial Intelligence (AI), Big Data and Internet of Things (IoT) to improve its performance. Evolution in ports is needed to meet with the changing demands of global trade: ships are getting bigger; goods are moving faster; and geopolitical issues are creating new challenges for ports. In December last year, a British Ports Association study highlighted the five smart port technologies changing the way UK ports operate for the better

Decarbonising local transport

Local authorities are being given the powers to deliver successful public transport systems, but the necessary funding and support must follow, writes Paul Tuohy

Making greener journeys more desirable

Francesca DiGiorgio writes for Friends of the Earth about the design aspect of shifting local planning to deter unnecessary car journeys

Why we need a National Bus Strategy

Darren Shirley says that a National Bus Strategy can help ensure buses remain a crucial part of our public transport mix

Rural buses: reversing the decline

Claire Walters discusses the factors forcing rural bus services into decline and why buses are crucial for the UK’s harder to reach communities

Tees Valley: Buses on demand

The Tees Valley Combined Authority's Heather Scott looks at what the new ‘demand-responsive' bus service could mean for the region

It is time something is done for buses

In taking forward a national bus strategy the key question is not ‘what can our country do for our buses?’ but ‘what can our buses do for our country?’

Driving modal shift from car to bus

The Greener Journeys Behaviour Change Lab applied behavioural insights to develop innovative ideas that encouraged drivers to switch to the bus

Bringing about a more sustainable transport system

Darren Shirley discusses the current state of public transport and how local communities can encourage sustainable transport in their regions

Reframing mobility to solve our air quality crisis

Sustrans has published 10 recommendations on what needs to be done to solve the UK’s air quality crisis. Here, Rachel White highlights its findings

Cycling can revitalise UK towns and cities

Investing in cycling infrastructure and enabling more people to get around by is one of the best ways to revitalise towns and city centres, writes Rachel White

Accessing the potential within local transport

Transport and travel choices have a huge impact on some of the most significant challenges facing government, says the Campaign for Better Transport

Becoming a ULEV-friendly city

Sally Longford explains how Nottingham City Council is exploring a transport agenda to improve air quality in the region

How can cities stop car being king?

Cutting down on the number of commuters using cars for short journeys will be key to easing congestion, says Adeline Bailly.


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