Brentwood Borough Council, in collaboration with Believ, has increased the number of electric vehicle (EV) charging points in the borough.

The Scottish government has launched a consultation on building flood-resilient places.

Public buildings and businesses will be supported to make energy efficient upgrades, and those with high energy use will receive funding to help cut bills and emissions.

A fund to help community groups across Scotland set up renewable energy generation projects has opened for applications.

Ahead of May’s local and mayoral elections, motorists have noted an absence of conversation around charging infrastructure from candidates, a

The first of Nottingham City Transport’s new electric buses entered service last week (11 April).

The Environment Agency (EA) has set out what it is doing to reduce methane emissions in England in a new Methane Action Plan for 2024 to 2026.

Hundreds of new electric vehicle (EV) charging points are set to be installed across Swindon.

A new guidance document from the Government Property Agency (GPA) has launched with the aim of tackling biodiversity loss across the government estate.

Climate Emergency UK (CE UK) has published their first analysis report of their Council Climate Action Scorecards, which identifies the key characteristics of councils that encourage further climate action.

Britain’s flagship renewables scheme has received a funding boost from government, with more than £1 billion for its upcoming auction.

The Maritime and Coastguard Agency’s counter-pollution response is being practiced this week in an exercise off Portland, Dorset.

English hedgerows will be protected by law as the government sets out its plans for domestic hedgerow regulations, following a consultation last year.

£5.9 million of Welsh Government support has been given to businesses investing in research and innovation across the country.

The Government Property Agency (GPA) closed the doors at 1 Victoria Street in London to "generate substantial savings."


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