UK has ‘unprecedented chance’ to build net zero future

The ICE has said that the UK has a ‘once-in-a-generation opportunity to recalibrate the economy’ and build a net zero future.

£14bn needed a year needed to meet climate commitments

The Green Alliance has said that an additional £14 billion is needed each year to help the UK meet its climate commitments.

Time is running out to tackle climate change

The Chancellor has been warned that time is running out to ‘avert an even greater future global crisis caused by climate change’.

Two million jobs need reskilling as part of green recovery

The Chancellor must commit to a ‘New Deal for Green Skills and Growth’ in his forthcoming stimulus package, say council leaders.

The Countryside Climate Network formed by UK100

A new group of rural councils from every region in England will be campaigning on climate change issues.

Pandemic can be ‘turning point’ in tackling climate crisis

Ministers must seize the opportunity to turn the coronavirus crisis into a defining moment in the fight against climate change.

UK acutely vulnerable to environmental breakdown

UK policymakers remain woefully unaware of and ill-prepared for parallel threats posed by the climate crisis and destruction of nature.

Councils remind people of precautions during heatwave

As Britain braces itself for a heatwave, councils are urging people to take all necessary health precautions against the rising temperatures.

Business for Clean Air initiative launches

Global Action Plan is launching the Business for Clean Air Initiative to arm large UK companies with the tools to tackle air pollution.

Parks a smart investment for a green recovery, says report

The Parks Alliance has made the business case for parks, why they matter and why they are a ‘smart investment’.

Invest in nature to reap big climate dividends

A new report from The Wildlife Trusts shows how investing in nature would reap big dividends in tackling climate crisis.

Public think economic plan should target net zero

The UK's Climate Assembly want net-zero alignment embedded in all facets of the upcoming coronavirus recovery package.

Advisers say government still falling short on climate action

The Committee on Climate Change is set to criticise ongoing failures by the government to tackle the issues posing a threat to our planet.

Brits call for ‘all-in’ Deposit Return Scheme

A new poll has highlighted overwhelming public support for an ‘all-in’ deposit return scheme model with a variable deposit.

Government outlines plans to accelerate tree planting

The government has launched a consultation to help accelerate tree planting and improve the management of the UK's existing woodlands.