Clean air zones will make citizens healthier

Clean Air Fund says that clean air zones in UK cities will make residents healthier and wealthier by reducing nitrogen dioxide.

Hybrid working opportunities dominate market forecast

The IWFM has provided a snapshot of the market’s experiences of the past year and the facilities management profession’s expectations for the future

Planning reform must focus on role of SMEs

Change the planning system to open up the market and allow better access for SMEs and diversify the housing supply, urges report.

Vaccine passports could create 'two-tier society'

The Equality and Human Rights Commission has warned that introducing Covid status certificates risks discriminating against some groups.

Don’t treat rough sleepers as vagrants, say MPs

A group of cross-party MPs have argued that it is time to decriminalise rough sleeping to help deal with the UK's homelessness crisis.

Consultation launched on staff vaccines in care homes

A consultation is underway on making coronavirus vaccination a condition of work for people who are deployed in care homes with older adult residents.

£88m in Council Tax Reduction goes unclaimed every year

New figures from Age Scotland reveal that older people on low incomes missed out on £88 million in Council Tax Reduction support last year.

Birmingham launches Lateral Flow testing survey

Birmingham City Council has launched a research project to improve people’s experiences of Lateral Flow Testing for coronavirus in Birmingham.

£1 million to kick-start tourism in Blackpool

Blackpool Council has unveiled an investment plan to help the resort recover from the near-catastrophic effects of the pandemic.

Ethnic minorities more likely to face discrimination

Ethnic minority communities have been disproportionately impacted by pandemic, being twice as likely to face discrimination in local services.

£100m needed to revitalising ‘deteriorating’ school libraries

The government has been urged to dedicate £100 million a year to revitalise 'deteriorating' primary school libraries across the country.

£280m capital funding boost for children with SEND

The government has announced that children with special educational needs and disabilities will benefit from a £280 million investment.

Children at centre of country’s mental health crisis

The Royal College of Psychiatrists has found that young people are bearing the brunt of the mental health crisis caused by the pandemic.

Postal vote ‘inaction’ risks disenfranchising young voters

Labour has warned the government that it risks disenfranchising millions of younger voters because of ‘inaction’ over postal votes.

Centre for Cities

More than eight in ten people in city-regions support some form of greater devolution according to new polling from Centre for Cities.


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