Playground closures are a public health issue

The API has stressed that the inactivity crisis facing children must be placed at the heart of politics in the General Election and beyond.

Oxfordshire named top waste recycler in England

Oxfordshire has been named the best performing county council waste disposal authority in England for the sixth year in a row.

Childhood crisis this Christmas as basics hard to come by

Action for Children claims that three pupils in every primary school class will be deprived of the basics this Christmas.

Tax increase should pay for health and social care, says poll

There is increasing public support for paying more tax to maintain and improve health and social care.

Research finds that poorer children missing out on exercise

New research suggests that, when it comes to getting enough exercise, wealthier children are beating their poorer classmates.

Labour criticises Tory cuts to health and education services

The Conservatives have cut health and education spending by £37.3 billion since 2010, according to new research unveiled by the Labour Party.

800 libraries closed in Britain since 2010

An annual survey of the UK’s libraries has revealed that almost 800 libraries have closed under the Conservative government since 2010.

Social care crisis costing £587m due to bed blocking

Age UK has claimed that lack of social care will have led to 2.5 million lost bed days in the NHS over the 917 days between the elections.

Khan urged to make London transport fairer

The Mayor of London should review fare structures and fare freeze, zones and concessions to make the capital’s transport system fairer.

Tories pledge £4.2bn for public transport

The Conservatives have promised to spend £4.2 billion on local train, bus and tram services if they win the General Election.

135,000 children in Britain to be homeless at Christmas

At least 135,000 children will be homeless and living in temporary accommodation across Britain on Christmas day.

Climate launched to top of the urban political agenda

Urban council leaders and elected mayors now rank the climate emergency among the most important issues British cities face.

14 million voters in ‘one party fiefdoms’

New research has found that nearly 14 million voters are in seats that have not changed party hands since the Second World War.

Tactical voting like for quarter of Welsh voters

Hundreds of thousands of Welsh voters are set to ‘hold their nose’ and vote tactically in the General Election on 12 December.

UK planning systems neglecting rights of children

Planning systems in the UK are failing to consider the rights and needs of children, leading to detrimental effects on their well-being.