Potential local lockdown in South Yorkshire

Dan Jarvis is warning of a potential local lockdown in South Yorkshire if the government fails to fix the coronavirus testing system.

Food Waste Action Week announced for 2021

WRAP has announced a new week of action in March 2021 to wake the nation up to the environmental consequences of wasting food.

Public wants an economy that prioritises care

The Women’s Budget Group has revealed overwhelming public support for more priority to be given to investment in care services.

Wales seeks to further reduce fuel poverty by 2035

Plans to further tackle fuel poverty in Wales by 2035 have been published for consultation by the Welsh Government.

£3 billion plan to upgrade the nation’s buildings

Homes, schools and hospitals are set to be greener and cheaper to run thanks to a £3 billion plan to upgrade the nation’s buildings.

Make it easier for families to walk and cycle to school

81 per cent of London parents say it’s essential local authorities now take steps to make it easier for families to walk and cycle to school.

Free digital skills training for Liverpool residents

Hundreds of Liverpool City Region residents are set to benefit from free training in the digital skills needed by local employers.

Government to offer further education courses

Adults in England without an A-level or equivalent qualification will be offered a fully funded college course.

Lack of strategy proving a barrier to levelling up

A report has warned that official public spending rules are not a barrier to levelling up the country, but a lack of direction from government is.

Empower councils to tackle short-term lets

Oxford City Council has called on the government to follow Scotland’s lead and empower local authorities to crack down on short-term lets.

Comprehensive childhood recovery package needed

A comprehensive recovery package is needed to tackle rising tide of childhood vulnerability caused by the coronavirus crisis.

Poor childcare support highlights ‘serial incompetence’

Labour’s Tulip Siddiq has accused the government of serial incompetence in delivering childcare support to working families.