Sport England promotes physical activity vision

Helping grassroots sport and physical activity recover from the effects of the pandemic is at the centre of Sport England’s 10-year strategy.

Government postpones Environment Bill again

The government has again decided to postpone the Environment Bill, as there is too little time to scrutinise it properly.

Lack of data access impact council’s climate actions

As many as 60 per cent of UK local authorities have difficulty accessing the data they need to make effective decisions that will support local energy projects.

Pandemic makes levelling up four times harder

The coronavirus pandemic makes levelling up the North and Midlands four times harder and risks ‘levelling down’ the South.

Swathes of vital flood defences ‘almost useless’

Thousands of England’s vital flood defences were in such a state of ruin last year they would fail to protect communities from extreme weather.

No longer possible to hold 'safe and open' elections in May

The LGIU has revealed that the majority of council officials are overwhelmingly concerned about their ability to hold local elections in May.

Labour questions unemployment risk of council tax hikes

One million workers in England could face unemployment just as they get hit with the government’s £100 council tax hike.

£23 million for councils to boost vaccine take up

Over £23 million funding has been allocated to 60 councils and voluntary groups across England to expand work to boost vaccine take up.

Nottingham publishes Recovery and Improvement Plan

After the government questioned governance issues at Nottingham City Council, the authroity has outlined how it plans to move forward.

New research into benefits of culture and heritage to society

A new programme of research has been announced to improve decision making by valuing the benefits of our culture and heritage capital to society.

First city-wide air pollution reduction target in Oxford

Oxford City Council is set to become the first UK local authority to set out a city-wide air pollution reduction target.

Overhaul planned for education and training in England

Ministers are setting out plans to improve vocational education to help ensure that employers get the skilled workforce they need.