Digital Transformation has become a Covid catchphrase. It’s almost in danger of being lumped in with ‘these unprecedented times’ and ‘the new normal’ as a ubiquitous and near-meaningless cliché.

There are occasions when schools need extra space quickly, cheaply and with minimal disruption.


As we continue to battle the coronavirus global pandemic, we must look ahead and start to understand how the working world has irreversibly changed.

LFS Fire Shop is the online retailer of LFS, a UK market leader and specialist in Passive Fire Protection.

For businesses, making staff and customers confident about the cleanliness of their premises has never been so important.

Bang the Table are leaders in the field of online community engagement and consultation and are by far the most experienced providers of online community engagement software and best practice advice globally.

Vestre was founded in Norway in 1947 and, ever since, we have been passionate about the communities in which we live and work.

Trak365 provides IoT solutions to the Industrial and Agricultural Sectors, with a focus on Facilities Management and Agri-Tech.

Streamlight® Inc., a leading provider of high-performance lighting devices, offer a range of high-quality products built with precision and performance especially for law enforcement, fire & rescue and the military.

So it seems the Covid19 crisis is here to stay, in some shape or another. And now that many of us are starting to come out of the initial shock and morbid amazement we are starting to think about “getting on with it” and carrying on as best we can.

Burland Technology Solutions established in 1993 and based in Suffolk since 2008 provide innovative, high-quality power data and audio-visual connectivity for offices, educational establishments, hospitals, data centres and retail stores.

Computer England has been helping a wide range of companies since 2003. We are an SME, expert at providing ICT Solutions to businesses, whilst delivering outstanding service, with care and attention to detail for every aspect of the project. is a quality assured, low cost first aid, health and safety and leisure industry training provider.

IGS was founded in 2013 by a pioneering group of farmers and engineers based in Scotland, UK, to develop revolutionary Industry 4.0 solutions for agriculture and commercial markets.

The year 2020 began with Brexit, as the United Kingdom ceased to be a part of the EU.

BCM is an award-winning power and civil engineering SME contractor, delivering infrastructure projects across the UK for public and private sector businesses on a turnkey, consultancy, principal contract, sub-contract or resource supply basis particularly in the utilities, highway and rail sectors.

The drive to utilise cloud and “off the shelf” technologies has fundamentally changed the way that government procure IT services and systems, and with that the role of system integrators has changed.

The Cliffs Pavilion is part of HQ Theatres & Hospitality, which is a leading regional theatre, venue and hospitality/conference operator in the United Kingdom and is part of the Qdos Entertainment Group.