2,000 pools could be lost forever by end of decade

Almost 2,000 swimming pools could be lost forever by the end of the decade unless the government ‘acts now’ to replace or refurbish ageing facilities.

Training launched for mental health leads in schools

Pupils will benefit from a trained senior mental health lead tasked with identifying those who need support and improving access to specialist services.

Ministers urged to create 250,000 new homes for key workers

The government is being urged to create 250,000 new homes for key workers as a reward for their efforts during the pandemic.

Urgent need to secure future of leisure facilities and services

The LGA has said that investment in public sport and leisure facilities and services is key to levelling up the health of the nation.

Report urges for increased spending to cover care costs

Social care reforms will protect more individuals from large care costs but will not improve access to care and could make local care markets ‘unsustainable’.

Vacancy rates adding to staff mental health crisis

The government’s failure to deal with ​the growing staffing ​crisis in social care ​risks worsening the mounting mental health toll on workers.

£48m recovery fund to support social care in Wales

£48 million of funding to support social care in Wales has been announced to help the sector meet the ongoing challenges caused by the pandemic.

Prime Minister sets out autumn and winter Covid plan

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has set out the government’s plan to manage coronavirus infections throughout autumn and winter.

West Yorkshire leaders agree Covid recovery plan

An updated Economic Recovery Plan for West Yorkshire has been unveiled, refocusing on plans for levelling up and the climate emergency.  

Health and social care tax plans outlined

Boris Johnson has said that a new health and social care tax will be introduced across the UK to pay for reforms to the care sector and NHS funding.

Air pollution linked to greater risk of coronavirus hospitalisation

There is a link between a person’s exposure to air pollution and the severity with which they will experience the effects of coronavirus.

Better support for families through new data sharing projects

The £7.9 million data accelerator fund will support 10 data sharing projects to improve joined-up working between councils, NHS trusts and police.

Government says ‘Operation Warm Welcome’ underway

A cross-government effort is underway to ensure Afghans arriving in the UK receive the vital support they need to integrate into their local communities.

Air pollution linked to more severe mental illness

A study has argued that exposure to air pollution is linked to an increased severity of mental illness, including significant rises in depression and anxiety.

Government must act as social care starts to break

The Independent Care Group has renewed its appeal for urgent government action and support as more and more care providers hit difficulties.


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