Heated wallpaper trialled in Wales

A social housing development in Wales is being heated by wallpaper as part of a trial exploring affordable alternatives to radiators and heat pumps

Gove 'deeply disappointed' with housing standards at Clarion

"I intend to take a personal and direct interest in your association's approach to housing conditions" writes Housing Secretary

Research identifies 2.3 million homes across England which are valued under £162,000, have an EPC rating below C and are located in ‘levelling up’ areas.

Queen's Speech: Housing policy addressed in two new bills

Government plans to address the rights of tenants and also strengthen the rights of private renters.

Levelling up and Regeneration Bill could force landlords to rent out commercial properties

Michael Gove confirms the introduction of “local design codes”

LGA calls for removal of permitted development rights

18,000 affordable houses lost as a result of office-to-residential conversions under permitted development, according to LGA.

EDF research reveals poor insulation levels of UK housing stock

Millions of homes have an insulation age of 1976 or older – costing households up to £930 a year if they don’t make changes soon,

Return of Right to Buy?

This latest idea could see 2.5 million households become eligible to buy their homes at a discount of up to 70%

No-fault eviction notice served every seven minutes

Shelter says that every seven minutes a private renter in England is handed a Section 21 no-fault eviction notice by their landlord.

Homebuyers to be freed from ground rent bills

Future homebuyers will see their prospective property bills reduce when a ban on charging ground rent on new leases comes into force in June.

Buyers paying more for homes with low-carbon technology

New analysis from Savills has revealed that home buyers are paying significantly more for homes with low-carbon technology.

Labour pledges to insulate two million houses in first year

If elected, Labour would aim for two million household upgrades in the first year of a decade-long £60 billion scheme that could save households £400 on bills annually.

Private rented housing ‘failing’ to provide safe homes

The Public Accounts Committee has warned that 13 per cent of rented homes ‘pose a serious threat to the health and safety of renters’.

Major developers to fund building safety repairs

The government has revealed a wide-ranging agreement that will see industry contribute £5 billion to address the building safety scandal.

Local planning authority projects to digitise planning process

Esri UK has announced the local planning authorities who will pilot geospatial technology to help modernise the planning process.