Empowering Excellence in Sound, Communication, and Visual Engineering

The Institute of Sound, Communications & Visual Engineers (ISCVE) is a professional organisation of members and supporting members engaged in the sound, communications and visual industries.

We are dedicated to advancing the art, science and technology in these industries for the betterment of society. Through education, certification, collaboration and advocacy, we aim to enhance standards, nurture professional growth and drive industry progress.

ISCVE members take pride in keeping up with industry, health & safety and training updates, covering a broad range of expertise. Members specialise in public address systems, voice-alarm systems, audio-visual technologies, acoustics and assistive listening systems. Their shared commitment to excellence and innovation unites them in their dedication to advancing these fields.

Services we provide:


  • ISCVE provides a wide array of certified professional development training courses aimed at validating expertise and proficiency. Our certification courses establish the benchmark for excellence, skills and knowledge within the industry.

Professional Development:

  • ISCVE offers continuous opportunities for professional growth, career development and knowledge exchange. Our gatherings unite industry, visionaries and practitioners, delving into emerging trends, optimal practices and technological advancements.

Technical Resources:

  • ISCVE members gain access to an array of technical resources encompassing research papers, case studies, technical guides, and industry reports. Our rich repository of resources functions as a pivotal knowledge hub, offering valuable insights and solutions to cater to the dynamic needs of the landscape.

ECS Cards:

  • ISCVE is the exclusive professional body authorised to issue ISCVE Sound Engineer and AV Engineer ECS cards to its members, enabling them to access sites through professional accreditation and experience verification.

Community Engagement:

  • At ISCVE, community is at the heart of everything we do. Through online forums, discussion groups and networking events, our members get the opportunity to connect, collaborate and engage with their peers.

Industry Advocacy:

  • ISCVE is committed to advocating for industry interests, promoting standards, regulations, and policies that drive innovation, safety, and sustainability. We collaborate closely with governmental agencies, regulatory bodies and industry stakeholders to shape the future of technology.

Join Us:
Whether you're a seasoned professional, a budding entrepreneur or new to the industry, ISCVE welcomes you to join our community. By becoming a member, you gain access to a world of opportunities, resources and connections that will propel your career and your organisation to new heights.
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