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Portsmouth celebrates 175 tonnes of food waste recycled

In the first three months of a trial scheme run by Portsmouth City Council, local residents have recycled more than 175 tonnes of food scraps.

£3.4 million awarded for taxi wireless-charging trial

The Department for Transport has announced £3.4 million for trials for wireless charging of electric taxis in Nottingham.

Faster, fibre broadband rolled out in West Yorkshire

Over 141,000 premises across West Yorkshire can now enjoy faster, fibre broadband.

£1.6m to make York’s buses cleaner and greener

City of York Council has awarded over £1.6 million to five bus companies to make their vehicles more environmentally-friendly.

High streets being ‘strangled’ by red tape

The Adam Smith Institute has argued that the high street needs to be made fit for purpose in the next decade.

Proposals for data-driven health improvements in Liverpool

Proposals have been announced for a project that could improve a number of health areas in Liverpool through better use of data.

 GB Features

Time for a fire safety revamp, after inadequacies highlighted

Several reports have heavily criticised the London Fire Brigade in recent weeks. But what does it mean moving forward?

English DRS: Creating a genuinely circular economy

Richard McIlwain explores the impact that such a Deposit Return Scheme could make on the litter than pollutes our country

A step closer to truly accessible public sector websites

Digital inclusion for local councils is no longer an option, it’s a legal requirement, writes Hilary Stephenson

Nature – our life support system

Does prescribing contact with nature to boost mental health actually work? Dom Higgins examines the issue

Fuel poverty, it isn’t rocket science

The Energy and Utilities Alliance’s Mike Foster explains why the government and industry needs to do more to tackle the problem of fuel poverty

Bullying kills and bullying devastates

Based around their Out of the Shadows campaign, the PPMA's Karen Grave discusses the issue of bullying and harassment within public services