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Government to drive up standards in social housing

Eddie Hughes has confirmed that social housing residents will be better protected as part of a review to ensure they are listened to.

Rising energy bills to 'devastate' poorest families

Households on low incomes will be spending on average 18 per cent of their income after housing costs on energy bills after April.

Bradford best location for levelling up opportunities

New research by Etopia Homes has highlighted the towns and cities in England which could make the best use of the government’s levelling up funds.

Plans to secure a green, clean future for London

A new net-zero by 2030 report has outlined the action required to reduce air pollution, tackle the climate emergency and cut congestion in London.

LGA Housing Advisers’ Programme projects announced

The Local Government Association has announced the 30 successful projects, supporting 90 councils, for its Housing Advisers Programme 2021/22.

Families suffering from ‘fuel stress’ set to treble

The number of households suffering from ‘fuel stress’ is set to treble overnight to 6.3 million households when the new energy price cap comes into effect.

Gulf between levelling up promises and policy reality

Despite the rhetoric, the UK is more regionally divided than ever and that central government policy has so far undermined the levelling up agenda.

Government closes tax loophole on second homes

New measures will see owners of second homes who abuse a tax loophole by claiming their often-empty properties are holiday lets forced to pay.

 GB Features

A national playground network is needed to ‘Level Up’

Mark Hardy argues that now is the time for a national network of playgrounds to tackle the disparity between deprived communities and more affluent areas

Challenging the public sector’s Business-as-Usual culture

Why does the public sector culture of ‘Business as Usual’ often fail to deliver effective change? Romy Hughes explores

The Road Safety Markings Association detail the post-pandemic benefits of well-maintained road markings

Eight public sector technology predictions for 2022

Tim Pitts shares his technology predictions for the public sector for 2022, including the better harnessing the power of data

Adapting to survive – What did COP26 achieve?

Laura Hughes, partner at Browne Jacobson, discusses the key takeaways for local government at November’s COP26

How smart cities can support climate action

Businesses are now digitising fast and investing in low carbon infrastructure. Local authorities have a big role to play in this transition, writes Teodora Kaneva

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