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£1.5 million for 20mph roads in Somerset

Ambitious plans to keep children safe by installing an advisory 20mph zone outside every school in Somerset have been announced.

More devolution can help the North thrive

New research from IPPR North has argued that the centralisation of power in Westminster is unfairly holding all of England back.

DfE approves early years apps

Parents are set to benefit from new technology to support their children learning at home, with six new apps now available.

70,000 homes in high risk flood areas not covered by insurance

The Bright Blue think tank has revealed that 70,000 English homes in areas prone to flooding have no insurance.

Burnham calls for fundamental constitutional change

Andy Burnham has called for the government to give towns, cities and regions across the UK more power to control their own destinies.

Coordinated approach to car clubs in London

London Councils is launching a new online resource to support borough collaboration on car clubs policy.

 GB Features

The importance of reviewing risk culture

Victoria Robinson discusses the importance of reviewing risk culture in an organisation’s ongoing work

Resilience in local authorities

Rob Whiteman discusses why it is important for local authorities to employ good management of their limited resources

A move away from ‘off-the-shelf’ digital services

Jos Creese, CEO of digital consultancy business CCL, looks at why digital public services means a move away from 'off-the-shelf' solutions

Making the next iteration of G-Cloud a success

With G-Could 12 around the corner, how will suppliers meet the challenges that continue to face potential customers?

Ensuring green spaces remain places of growth

What should public sector organisations be doing to ensure that their green spaces are in the best condition for the upcoming months?

A perspective on parks: Levelling up places

Rob Pearce, project manager at The Parks Alliance, explains why parks are one of the smartest investments for infrastructure spending

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SA Group

SA Group is a Cyber Security, P3M and Technical consultancy working in vital Public Sector market

Mitra Innovation

Mitra Innovation was formed to provide end-to-end technology solutions to our clients – drawing f