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Local contact tracing system launched in Leeds

A new local contact tracing system for Leeds is set to boost the city’s efforts to contain the spread of coronavirus.

Community testing for tier 3 regions announced

Details have been set out by the government to help local areas detect asymptomatic cases and offer a route out of the toughest restrictions.

Food bank users having money taken for benefit payments

Nearly half of households surveyed at food banks during the summer owed money to the DWP due to loans and overpayments of benefits.

Public trust councils more than government in pandemic response

A new public opinion poll has reinforced support for councils, councillors and council workers who have responded to coronavirus.

Opening hours for Christmas shopping extended

Rretailers will be able to extend their daily opening hours from Monday to Saturday in the run up to Christmas and through January.

Hospitals face being overwhelmed without new tiers

Michael Gove has warned that hospitals risk being ‘overwhelmed’ with coronavirus cases if MPs do not back new tier restrictions.

Floods will hit the disadvantaged communities hardest

The National Audit Office has found that there are gaps in the government’s understanding of public spending for flood defence.

Regions set to miss out on millions from key business support

Tier 3 communities in North and Midlands set to miss out on millions from key business support grant in run up to Christmas.

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