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Biggest changes to building safety ‘in a generation’

Robert Jenrick has announced steps to further reform the building safety system to ensure residents are safe in their homes.

Collaboration launched to support cultural organisations

The LGA is collaborating with Arts Council England to help support cultural organisations to deal with the current coronavirus situation.

Review launched to make Bristol autism-friendly

Bristol City Council has commissioned a non-statutory review of services to help Bristol become a more autism-friendly city.

Newcastle provides minibus to get bin crews working

Newcastle has provided minibuses for bin crews to be transported to their collection rounds so that social distancing guidelines can be met.

Councils given emergency powers to support NHS

Councils are being given new powers to support the NHS and increase hospital capacity as Wales responds to the coronavirus pandemic.

COP26 climate conference postponed until 2021

The COP26 UN climate change conference set to take place in Glasgow in November has been postponed due to coronavirus.

 GB Features

Are consumers getting the most out of their cylinder?

The Hot Water Association's Isaac Occhipinti takes a look at how the hot water cylinder industry can support the UK’s Net Zero demands

Could some surveillance help crime deterrence?

Is a total moratorium on CCTV facial recognition a necessary measure? When used responsibly and properly, perhaps not says the BSIA

What sort of built environment do we want for the future?

Regarding fire safety, it’s important that we ask the question: what sort of built environment do we want in the future?

Making steps to zero carbon

Simon Storer discusses the role of PIR and PUR insulation in reducing carbon emissions and the steps towards a zero carbon industry

Every action counts in Leeds’ sustainability push

Judith Blake discusses how climate change will factor into all aspects of decision-making at Leeds City Council

Making cycling accessible for all

Rachel White discusses the socio-economic gap in urban cycling, as well as cities’ actions to reduce car use and traffic emissions