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Help for 'left-behind' towns part of Tory pledge

The Prime Minister has announced an ambitious package to support towns and communities across Britain.

Basic income by 2025 pledged by Greens

The Green Party has pledged to introduce a universal basic income by 2025, which would see every adult receiving a minimum of £89 per week.

Homelessness crisis costs councils over £1bn in just one year

The cost of housing homeless families in temporary accommodation has risen by 78 per cent in five years to more than £1 billion.

Business rates and council tax relief following flooding

Households and business owners significantly affected by recent flooding will have immediate relief on their council tax and business rates.

100,000 demand televised election debate on climate

Over 100,000 people have signed a petition calling for a national televised debate on the climate and nature emergencies.

Solar power hubs for 2,000 public spaces, says Labour

Labour will install solar power hubs in 2,000 public spaces, saving them an average of £3,000 on their bills every year.

 GB Features

Why we need a National Bus Strategy

Darren Shirley says that a National Bus Strategy can help ensure buses remain a crucial part of our public transport mix

Delivering ‘safety outcomes’ in road management

The RSMA discuss the issue of poor road markings and how road user safety can be put at risk due to poor maintenance

Incorporating a front-to-back end digital platform

St Albans City & District Council has undergone a huge digital transformation project. Caroline Croft discusses what they have achieved so far

Physical security solutions and non-violent protests

Iain Moran discuss how physical security solutions can protect non-violent protestors without unduly draining public resources

Ensuring all buildings are as efficient as possible

Russell Beattie discusses the importance of heating and ventilation systems in ensuring buildings are as energy efficient as possible

Looking to get your next cloud project signed off?

Why does the public sector struggle to build a compelling business case for cloud? Romy Hughes, director at Brightman, explores the issue