Align Chartered Surveyors are an integrated multi-disciplinary team with a combined 100+ years of experience.

Since 1978, Marlec has been driven by a passion for renewable energy, and now, more than 45 years later, we are the UK’s longest-standing renewable energy company.

At Bucher Municipal, we produce only the highest quality machines across the road sweeping, sewer cleaning and winter maintenance sectors. 

Hoben International Limited (a subsidiary company of Goodwin PLC) market a range of products under the Soluform brand name. The Soluform range provides a simple, cost effective and environmentally acceptable range of prefilled concrete bagwork for hand placement in applications such as scour protection, void filling, underpinning, the formation of headwalls to culverts and bridges, or protection of riverbanks, walls and bridges and retaining walls.

Waste Management in Brighton, Chichester and the Surrounding East and West Sussex Areas

Welcome to Align, where innovation in building consultancy meets a decade of excellence.

Our integrated, award-winning team consists of skilled professionals across ten disciplines, including Architects, Building Surveyors, Project Managers, Mechanical and Electrical Engineers, Structural and Civil Engineers, Quantity Surveyors, Highways and Sustainability Engineers, and Property and CDM advisors

A trusted, UK manufacturer & supplier of innovative & sustainable pest solutions.

Based in Bristol, UK Barrettine Environmental Health formulate and manufacture highly effective, integrated pest management solutions for the Pest Control and Agricultural sectors.

With headlines lamenting the energy inefficiency of UK housing stock it is easy to be disheartened by the challenges of decarbonising our housing stock.

However, there has been real progress in recent years.  One contribution is from institutional investors such as local government pension schemes, who are increasingly funding new, affordable and energy efficient private rented housing. With roughly one in five households renting privately, this segment plays an important part in the decarbonisation of overall UK housing stock.

Whether you're looking for a stylish Android device with a great selfie camera or a simple talk and text feature phone, there’s a Nokia phone for you.

Nokia smartphones bring affordable, reliable, and beautifully designed devices with the latest version of Android. Nokia smartphones also allow you to escape the hassle of expensive, time-consuming repairs, empowering you to repair your phone at home thanks to a partnership with iFixit.

At Bullitt Satellite, we take pride in pioneering non-terrestrial networks (NTN) service, following 3GPP standards. We offer authentic two-way satellite messaging, SOS functionality, and location sharing. Our dedication lies in fostering connectivity and communication in areas with inadequate or no cellular service, all at an affordable price point, pushing the boundaries of satellite communications.

Cobwebs Technologies, a PenLink Company, is a global leader in AI-Powered Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT). Our mission is to protect global communities and organizations from crime, threats, and cyber-attacks, by providing seamless access to publicly available data.

PermiServ provides garden waste permit printing and permit management software for local authorities, taking on the administrative burden so councils can deliver efficient and reliable garden waste collection services to residents.

For councils making the move to a chargeable garden waste service, PermiServ can manage the transition from start to finish. For councils already delivering a chargeable garden waste service, PermiServ can help cut costs and boost efficiency.

This year, Hargassner celebrates its 40th anniversary of delivering the highest quality wood pellet, wood chip and log boilers to Europe and beyond. More determined than ever to fulfil their mission of developing eco friendly heating systems of the future, this once small, family business has now grown to become part of the very fabric of the community in Weng, Austria.

Who we are:
‘One’ is an innovative business change partner, dedicated to supporting local government and non-profit clients across the UK, to improve and evolve. Our work helps to provide answers to complex service delivery challenges, and we help our clients implement and embed change and transformation, shaping services of the future.

As more and more building work is commenced and completed in London, surrounding cities and areas of the UK, the challenge is now removing the waste. As more work is ongoing- whether that be new construction, refurbishments or regenerations there is less and less space to drop a skip which would be the standard, go to method of waste removal for such projects- as a country this has been our standard default method of bulk waste removal for some time.

In the fast-paced and ever-evolving landscape of government operations, the need for efficient, secure, and versatile technology is paramount. MMD, the brand license partner for Philips Monitors, offers a range of monitors designed to meet these needs, combining cutting-edge features with user-centric design.

Introduction to ASECCA

In today's fast-paced technological landscape, ASECCA emerges as a leader in promoting environmental sustainability within the IT industry. Our expertise lies in recycling and repurposing IT and mobile phone equipment, demonstrating our dedication to eco-conscious technology solutions. As an esteemed participant in the Crown Commercial Service (CCS) framework, ASECCA is well-positioned to deliver its suite of services to the public sector, aligning with the objectives of environmental responsibility and the efficient use of resources.

In the world of pens and markers, edding distinguishes itself as a trusted name, combining German craftsmanship with a family touch. Established as a family business in 1960, edding has grown into a global ink specialist brand, known for its commitment to quality and helping people express themselves throughout their lifetime.


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