Cobwebs Technologies

Cobwebs Technologies, a PenLink Company, is a global leader in AI-Powered Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT). Our mission is to protect global communities and organizations from crime, threats, and cyber-attacks, by providing seamless access to publicly available data.

Delivering decades of experience in the global intelligence market, our team of experts is comprised of leading military and intelligence minds, with niche expertise in the web intelligence sphere. Field and practical experience, combined with a proven track record of successfully integrating into collaborative projects, have collectively led our experts to identify inadequacies in intelligence solutions. We specifically noticed that today’s intelligence solutions often present challenges coping with current technological and operational obstacles with efficiency.

Our Mission:

With humanity, social justice, order and public security at the core of our team’s motives and values, Cobwebs Technologies redefines digital web data collection and analysis. We automate the delivery of targeted intelligent insights, so national security agencies, defence, police and private sector investigative teams can attain just the right information to prevent crime and terror. Agile machine learning algorithms scan mobile communication apps and infinite sources across the surface, deep and dark web, to look for potential threats and to analyze nefarious online activity that may indicate criminal or terrorism-related activity.

Our Customers:

Cobwebs’ leading and innovative systems service global intelligence services, police, defence, armed forces, immigration and border control, as well as corporate security teams, with identifying web relations, online criminal activities and cyber terrorist threats. We work with clients from all corners of the world with diverse needs and goals, assisting them with investigations and analysis of targeted online data. Our range of products offer everything from a supportive starting point for targeted web data search, to extraction of vital intelligence insights, to alerts of relevant events in real-time. With our multifaceted approach to completing investigations, our technologies employ passive and active systems to cope with today’s complex hurdles and evolving challenges. We work closely with customers to ensure proper training and use of our open-source solutions, to maximize their investment in our technology. Cobweb’s teamwork, care and knowledge supports a positive customer experience, as users gain peace of mind knowing their web intelligence solution will always have humanity and national security at its heart, with the critical data you’ll need at hand.

Our Solutions:

Our open-source intelligence solutions were developed by leading intelligence and security experts to collect and analyze open, deep and dark web data. Discovering the most critical insights and hidden leads from never-ending and indecipherable online data is now simple, seamless, and smooth. With Cobwebs’ robust artificial intelligence algorithms, users can search across platforms and web layers to uncover and connect information shared and generated online.  Our platform also assists analysts in maintaining secure and efficient investigations. It provides a safe, isolated browsing environment while enhancing data gathering to minimize manual web investigations. The platform provides analysts with relevant and critical data in real-time – a new, contemporary, and automated approach for identity protection, evidence gathering and threats management.

With our automated solution, users save hours and days of manual work, piecing web data together. Our solutions quickly analyze and connect disparate web data, illuminating a clear picture of hidden online connections between people, locations, places and assets. What used to take an analyst or investigator days of manual work, can now be streamlined down to a few hours, saving valuable time and personnel costs.

Cobwebs’ solutions are recognized globally for innovation, compliance, and award-winning technologies.

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