Hybrid Mail from Adare SEC – A Solution for Now

Adare SEC works with over 100 authorities across the UK, trusted with the production of critical, highly secure communications such as revenues and benefits and electoral documentation, along with the volume of essential everyday communications that flow between local authorities and citizens. Adare SEC also works with the NHS to manage critical appointment letters and other highly sensitive communications.  

Hybrid mail for local government and NHS

Hybrid mail is really a very simple concept, and one which is coming of age in the post-pandemic landscape. Hybrid mail enables employees to create documents on their computer as normal and to then click and send these documents to a specialised off-site hub for printing and despatch. Why? Because doing so can save employee time, can slash print and post costs and can provide better control over document quality and compliance – particularly when staff are working remotely.

40% saving on each letter sent

Consider the typical council operation. Offices will usually have desktop printers allocated to departments or teams. Everyday communications will be printed by council employees at their desktop and sent for print on these departmental printers. Often, employees will also spend time placing the printed documents into envelopes and walking them over to the point of despatch.

The true spend associated with local government staff producing everyday mail can be hard to quantify. But we’ve done the maths. Our own ‘burdened cost’ analysis details the costs that many councils simply absorb in order to print and mail documents in-house. It’s an inefficient and expensive way of operating.

In simple terms, hybrid mail is ideally suited for any council or department sending a regular volume of mail. Using hybrid mail can deliver savings in the region of 40% for each letter sent.

Even against more regular, high-volume communication processes such as annual billing runs or electoral documentation, hybrid mail can still deliver significant efficiencies.

A digital solution too

Increasingly, hybrid mail is recognised as a multi-channel solution rather than simply a print and post vehicle. So, in addition to sending documents for print and post, council staff can select document delivery via digital channels including email, SMS, or self-service portals.

One, tens, or thousands of documents can be sent without leaving the desk – wherever that desk may be.

As post-pandemic working patterns evolve, reliance on physical locations is diminishing. Instead, solutions that enable best-practice work from anywhere will come to the fore. Hybrid mail is just such a solution.

We’ve written in depth about hybrid mail on our website, including a free hybrid mail calculator which will give you an idea of possible savings. Read more here about this powerful, flexible and secure solution.