IT Benchmarking meets IT Sourcing

What do we do at Metrics?

As the number one independent European provider of Data Driven IT Advisory services we will help with the following challenges:

  • Efficiency: Making sure you are doing what you do the right way? We deliver transparency and proof of economic spend
  • Effectiveness: Are you doing the right things? We ensure best value in your IT procurement
  • Agility: How can you prepare for the future? We help you optimise IT processes and services

Our combination of benchmarking data and structured sourcing support services enable faster, better, more confident decisions for your internal and outsourced IT. Drive better value and competitive pricing by leveraging our services!

Sourcing management

As a consultant and advisor, Metrics will support you in every phase of sourcing projects to ensure best value in your procurement. Our management and optimisation services include, for example:

  • End-to-end RFP management
  • Planning and implementing transition to a service provider and transformation of services
  • Innovation tactics to ensure you benefit long-term from new developments with your service providers
  • Contract extension or in-sourcing/re-sourcing – the basis for taking decisions if sourcing needs to be re-thought or reversed
  • Cloud orchestration/management – if IT services from multiple providers need to be coordinated for optimum results
  • Vendor consolidation

Metrics Service Library

In the Metrics Service Library (MSL), we have developed a de-facto market standard for IT services – it serves as a blueprint and shows which structures of IT services are currently standard in the market. Our MSL is no theoretical exercise on the drawing-board; rather, it is derived from an analysis of current sourcing contracts (market price benchmarks) from clients and providers. With this toolset, our consultants can immediately check whether your internal or external services comply with the current market standard regarding content, SLAs and billing models.


  • Quality and sustainability embedded; we are ISO 9001 and ecovadis certified
  • Our tool-supported tendering methodology including templates has been audited for independence and objectivity by major global organisations; your sourcing decisions will be transparent and justifiable
  • Our team comprises consultants with backgrounds from the industry’s most prominent sourcing advisors and our structured methodology combines all best practices in one place
  • For Data Driven Decisions in Sourcing, our Data Lake delivers IT services, prices and leading practices in line with the market so you will know the pricing for your service is best value
  • Complete sourcing lifecycle support from sourcing strategy to post-outsource insourcing (where appropriate)

IT Benchmarking

Measuring, managing, optimising

A key tool in Metrics' services is modern IT benchmarks, whereby your IT is assessed using detailed key ratios and optimised in a targeted manner thanks to comparison with the best organisations.

Aligning yourself with the best means identifying weak points, along with your own strengths. The comparison identifies those points which need to be optimised: provided internally or externally, in detail or as an overview.

With the systematic and methodical structure of our data lake, we can analyse any IT services, organisations and processes in order to demonstrate customised opportunities. You will obtain an assessment of your current position and the best path to the next objective, which could be spend reduction in outsourced contracts.


  • Our flexible and modular model facilitates benchmarking projects which are precisely tailored to your requirements for scope; you will recognise the results and comparisons and you will not be required to massage your data to fit
  • You will know whether your contract’s pricing represents good value for money and where negotiation levers exist
  • You will have the ability to demonstrate IT spend is prudent on an auditable basis
  • Benchmarking based on real world data selected from other contracts with matching services which we have assessed; not an opinion or a small sample of contracts
  • Results from our services are accepted for contractual benchmarking purposes by all major IT service providers; you won’t be left negotiating with your service provider to implement price reductions