Prescribing the Right Solutions for Public Sector Digital Transformation

Digital agreement tools can empower local and national government employees to create, innovate, and collaborate. Daniela Becker, Area Vice President EMEA, at DocuSign, explores how DocuSign eSignature can quickly and easily re-define public sector work practices.

Digital transformation has become an increasingly common ‘buzzword’ for IT leads. However, while adoption has accelerated in recent years, for many organisations, digital transformation strategies are regularly outpaced by business demands.

Hear one of the leading global authorities in the field of cyber security policy and discover the current cyber landscape, threats, opportunities and how to make the best use of NCSC guidelines and other public resources.

PurGo is a market-leading next-generation ERP waste management & recycling software system, relied upon by businesses of all shapes and sizes to manage waste collection and management processes end-to-end.

As the world begins to embrace a post pandemic era, we take a look at some of the technology driving organisational productivity in 2022 with AV integration specialist and Crown Commercial Services RM6225 framework supplier Visavvi.

What citizens expect from local government is changing radically. They demand a faster, more joined-up and above all digital experience that puts them in control and makes it easy to interact through their devices and channels of choice.

Redway Networks is an independent networking and wireless specialist with expertise in the planning, design and installation of complete cloud-managed networking solutions, using ‘best of breed’ products for wireless, switching, security, endpoint management and security cameras.

Founded in 2001, Hyve Managed Hosting is a fully managed hosting company based in Brighton, UK. Utilising a customer-centric approach, Hyve focuses on superior support and expert management services, becoming an extension of any business.

Why do more than 55,000 learners from the public sector turn to Mind Tools for their Learning and Development needs?

The pandemic forced everyone to think and act in new ways. In the beginning of the pandemic, in just a couple of weeks, many had to adapt to new requirements such as video conferences replacing face-to-face meetings, or offering remote working wherever possible due to quarantines. Digital technology helped state, regional and local governments to react to and manage this unique situation but the infrastructure soon revealed to be in need of a fundamental overhaul to keep the wheels turning.

Capital Network Solutions are a highly accredited managed IT services and consultancy provider, specialising in cybersecurity, infrastructure and communications.

GoAudits is a UK-based technology company with global reach, headquartered just outside Windsor in Slough. They are transforming the way Public Sector, Central Government, Local Authorities, Health and Education organisations manage the paper trail on the field, enabling the mobile workforce to be more agile and productive. 


We know almost every transformation programme follows a common path so why waste time and money reinventing the wheel? Our Plug and Playbooks do the heavy lifting, so clients only need to focus on the differences.

Visual hacking, or the capture of confidential information using visual means, is a real threat to cyber security, and we can prove it.

Kelvin TOP-SET Offers Free Trial of Online Root Cause Analysis Course and Introduces TOP-SET Live, the World’s First Incident Investigation App.