London Waste Services Ltd

As more and more building work is commenced and completed in London, surrounding cities and areas of the UK, the challenge is now removing the waste. As more work is ongoing- whether that be new construction, refurbishments or regenerations there is less and less space to drop a skip which would be the standard, go to method of waste removal for such projects- as a country this has been our standard default method of bulk waste removal for some time.

The process and requirements to apply for a skip permit, allowing a skip to be placed on the road can be time consuming and also incurs additional costs which sometimes cannot be simply absorbed into a budget. This is where London Waste Services and our method of waste collection becomes a simpler, easier and more cost efficient option!

London Waste Services was generated when this gap in the market, for a reliable waste service was noticed and we’ve been running ever since! We operate a fleet of caged vehicle wait and load services- either a single crewed driver, or double crewed team. The team arrive as booked at the project only needing space to park the vehicle, not space to park and to drop a skip off road/apply with the obtained skip permit restrictions. As long as we can park nearby to the site, with access to the rear of the van, we are able to load the waste into the rear of the vehicle and remove it there and then. No skip needs to be left on site for a duration of time, whereby you run the risk of members of the public filling the skip with items, meaning you are paying to dispose of other peoples waste, especially waste which can incur additional costs such as POPS Waste (upholstered items.)

Working with a number of disposal sites across London and the surrounding areas means we can visit the closest site, reducing the carbon generated from our collections. The waste is disposed of safely and efficiently leaving the site clean, tidy and waste free. Most waste collections taking no more than an hour to load- dependant on the size of the load and the waste stream.

The future of waste collections has to be adapted in line with the rate of building and construction work being completed and as a result, the reduced space in our cities- we cannot keep using skips as our default. Of course, skips do still serve a purpose, on the right site and the right project, but they are no longer suited to all projects. Most buildings in London have a small if no service yard, and therefore we cannot place a skip in the way, blocking deliveries and collections, especially if this is a multiple occupancy building. A caged vehicle wait and load is significantly more suited, provides the same level of efficiency in completing waste collections.  

To continue to be suitable, adaption’s to services need to be made, this is why more and more companies, councils and housing associations (to name a few) and swapping to using caged services, if not entirely but for some of their services whereby a skip is no longer the most suitable option.

With years of experience within the waste industry not only do London Waste Services provide an efficient service, we provide a friendly and reliable services! From the drivers to the office staff, the team are always on hand and willing to assist, work with the client to negotiate any obstacles and find the most suited option for all parties involved- no two jobs are the same, and that’s why we don’t offer a single service, we can tweak our services to suit our clients, their requirements and the building requirements. If you have a single item you want to remove, you don’t want to pay for a full load size, and that’s why we offer single item pricing also, as well as out of hours services and weekend collections.

Operating in and around London, and the surrounding Home Counties- we can provide services 7 days a week, completed by our experienced and friendly team who will ensure the service is completed as booked, but also to the highest standard possible. For more information, please do not hesitate to make contact by calling our office, emailing or heading over to our website, we’d be happy to help, or just discuss further!

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