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Whether you're looking for a stylish Android device with a great selfie camera or a simple talk and text feature phone, there’s a Nokia phone for you.

Nokia smartphones bring affordable, reliable, and beautifully designed devices with the latest version of Android. Nokia smartphones also allow you to escape the hassle of expensive, time-consuming repairs, empowering you to repair your phone at home thanks to a partnership with iFixit.

Our designed-to-last Nokia feature phones have batteries for days and exteriors known for being extra tough. With unique and revamped designs, available in a range of colours, these simple feature phones will always be on trend.

At HMD, we have a clear purpose - we believe in connecting the world without costing the earth. As a company headquartered in Finland, sustainability has always been at the heart of what we do. We are proud of our heritage and track record for robust, long-lasting devices that don’t end up in landfills before their time. Our approach to sustainability is continually evolving and improving as we work closely alongside our partners and customers to achieve our goals.

We’ve been working extremely hard on our sustainability strategy since 2017, and our efforts are paying off. We were recognized by the sustainability rating agency EcoVadis, which awarded us with a Platinum status in 2022 and 2023, putting us in the top 1% of businesses and 98 percent of companies audited for their commitment to sustainable practices in the manufacturing of communications equipment.

With the world’s broadest choice of Android Enterprise Recommended phones and tablets, you can choose the best device for your business and employees.

As a reliable European company from Finland, we adhere to uncompromising manufacturing standards that are known to be among the strictest in the industry. Nokia phones have a superior build quality and are made to last. All Nokia devices undergo 50 rigorous assessments before being approved for sale - this makes us an industry leader when it comes to product testing.

Our dedicated Security Centre in Tampere makes sure our devices deliver on data security, and required device-specific data is stored in the Google Cloud Datacenter in Hamina, protected under the GDPR data protection laws. All of our product development processes and infrastructure are ISO27001:2022 certified.

We hold ourselves to the highest Global standards, too. Since 2020, we’ve been taking action in line with the Global Compact and The United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. Our employees, communities, and the planet matter as much to us as long-term business success. That’s why we’re shaping a more sustainable future for our customers. Our focus is on the following SDGs:

- Good health and wellbeing

- Quality Education

- Gender equality

- Decent work and economic growth

- Responsible consumption and production

- Climate action

To continually report and reduce the impact our organization makes, we carefully measure and demonstrate our progress publicly. We also engage with the highest standards of governance to ensure our progress is having a positive impact, year on year. Our report for 2022 was submitted in May 2023.

Explore our device series and discover yours today.

Eurostar Global Electronics, HMD Nokia distribution partner in the UK, eagerly anticipates what the future holds.

If you have any inquiries regarding your Crown Commercial Service needs, please don't hesitate to reach out to Eurostar Global Electronics Ltd, at They're here to assist you with all of your needs.

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