Bullitt Satellite (in partnership with Eurostar Global Electronics Ltd): Transforming Satellite Connectivity

At Bullitt Satellite, we take pride in pioneering non-terrestrial networks (NTN) service, following 3GPP standards. We offer authentic two-way satellite messaging, SOS functionality, and location sharing. Our dedication lies in fostering connectivity and communication in areas with inadequate or no cellular service, all at an affordable price point, pushing the boundaries of satellite communications.

To access our service, you'll need a Bullitt Satellite-compatible device, currently offered as the Cat S75 smartphone or the Motorola Defy Satellite Link Bluetooth device. These devices come with a bundled full year of satellite service. Post this period, packages begin from just £4.99 per month, with no added activation fees.

Since our launch, Bullitt has facilitated over 850,000 messages through our Android and iOS applications. Messages are currently limited to 140 bytes for optimal efficiency in both transmission and cost, supporting Unicode characters, emojis, and location sharing. While our roadmap includes plans for multimedia support and higher bandwidth data services, our service is currently confined to small data packets. Nonetheless, there are numerous use cases for communication technology requiring only a clear view of the sky, independent of a cellular network.

Enterprise Solutions - Off-Grid and Redundancy

Our satellite communication proposition benefits professional users and enterprise customers in various sectors:

  1. Professional Users: Individuals whose work takes them out of cellular coverage regularly.
  2. Rural Businesses: Organisations in areas lacking good cell coverage, such as agriculture, forestry, commercial fishing, conservation, and construction.
  3. Mobilised Organisations: Entities with employees working in rural areas with poor or unreliable cell coverage, such as utilities, oil and gas, transport infrastructure, logistics, and rural health and social care providers.
  4. Redundancy and Safety: Organisations where a loss of cellular signal could pose operational challenges, including transport or power infrastructure inspection and maintenance teams, police and emergency response institutions, charities, and NGOs with humanitarian remits.

Bullitt, collaborating with Eurostar Global Electronics Ltd (Bullitt's UK exclusive distribution partner), envisions an exciting future for satellite communication in the UK. Our standards-based approach and constellation-agnostic service architecture enable the service to evolve and adapt to various future scenarios. Bullitt’s commitment to democratising satellite communication technology through innovation and affordable services makes it the top choice for customers seeking constant connectivity in environments where mobile service is unreliable.

Just in Case - Peace of Mind for Every Journey

For individuals traversing poorly connected areas or engaging in activities where reliable cellular coverage is a challenge, Bullitt offers a solution. A growing group of customers values having a low-cost, long battery life device, like the Motorola Defy Satellite Link, in their car’s glove box, suitcase, or handbag. The primary motivation is 'peace of mind', and the purchase is driven by affordability. The prudent 'what if?' customer sees the benefit in investing in such a product now that hardware and associated service costs have become more reasonable.

In every case, the key is the ability to communicate, coordinate, and collaborate, without reliance on terrestrial cellular networks.

Towards a Satellite-Connected Future

Eurostar Global Electronics, Bullitt’s exclusive distribution partner in the UK, eagerly anticipates what the future holds.

Eurostar’s strategy, grounded in industry standards and a flexible service model, ensures a preparedness for what's to come.

Bullitt is dedicated to ensuring satellite communication is accessible to all through innovative and cost-effective solutions.

This commitment establishes Bullitt as the preferred choice for those seeking reliable connectivity in areas where traditional mobile services fall short.

If you have any inquiries regarding your Crown Commercial Service needs, please don't hesitate to reach out to our partner, Eurostar Global Electronics Ltd, at They're here to assist you with all of your needs.

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