Local authorities desperately need major reform, focusing less on the processes and more on the outcomes, according to Steven Lugg, chief executive of Hampshire Association of Local Councils.

Public sector employment has fallen for the thirteenth consecutive quarter to just over 5.7 million, the Office for National Statistics reported In its quarterly update.

The Chancellor has pledged to use departmental savings to fund a £3bn programme in infrastructure investment.

UK chancellor George Osborne has been urged to include investment in the country's housing market when he unveils his latest Budget later in the month.

The property industry has welcomed the increase in Local Authorities that have produced a Local Plan, the document which sets out where development can happen.

Councils will be able to invest twice as much of their pension assets in infrastructure schemes such as house-building, energy projects and high-speed rail, it has been announced.

Residents are satisfied with the way services are run by their local council, a new report  by the LGA indicates.

Latest figures show that 219 councils are freezing council tax for 2013/14, reports LocalGov.co.uk

The Cabinet Office website has become the latest departmental site to move across to the gov.uk domain as the government continues to push its "digital by default" scheme.

Britain's government needs to cut day-to-day spending more deeply in order to spur longer-term investment and get the economy growing more quickly, the head of a British employers' association said.

Central government should scrutinise more closely how local authorities are investing in roads, light rail and buses, a committee of MPs has said.

Heathrow today announced £3 billion of investment in Heathrow airport in addition to the £11bn that has been invested since 2003.