Public sector reacting to rough sleeping, not preventing it

Audit Wales has found that the public sector was spending up to £210 million reacting to, rather than preventing, rough sleeping.

Virus impact on ethnic minorities linked to air pollution

The impact of coronavirus on people from minority ethnic groups has been linked to air pollution and overcrowded housing.

Home insulation scheme must guarantee high-quality work

Campaigners have said that the government must ensure homeowners receive high quality improvements under its new energy efficiency scheme.

‘Serious flaw’ in UC worsens council tenants’ debts

Research claims that the roll-out of Universal Credit is leading to a growing number of council tenants falling behind on rent payments.

High streets could be turned into housing

High street shopping units left empty by the collapse of retail businesses should be converted into hundreds of thousands of new homes.

Planning law changes could revitalise town centres

Robert Jenrick has announced that new laws could deliver much-needed new homes and revitalise town centres across England.

£266 million housing fund for vulnerable people

Plans to help ensure the most vulnerable continue to have a roof over their heads have been launched by Robert Jenrick.

Government set to pass landmark building safety legislation

The government is set to publish its landmark Bill to deliver the biggest changes to building safety for nearly 40 years.

Action needed after three years of post-Grenfell delay

The British Safety Council has warned that too many buildings are unsafe, and too many residents feel trapped in their homes.

Plan to put affordable housing at heart of the recovery

The Affordable Housing Commission has launched a new report to put social and affordable housing at the heart of the coronavirus recovery.

Ombudsman finds councils delaying helping homeless

Ombudsman finds that problems with the way councils are meeting new housing duties are making some homeless people’s situation worse.

Majority of elderly planning applications are speculative

A new report from the ARCO and consultancy Carterwood has called for planning system to be reformed to reduce waste and inefficiency.

Khan calls for £5bn affordable homes investment

Sadiq Khan has called for the government to agree to a multi-billion pound package to kick-start London’s housing sector in response to coronavirus.

Sunak set to unveil £2bn home insulation scheme

The Treasury is set to announce that hundreds of thousands of homeowners will receive vouchers for energy-saving home improvements.

Ben Towe, Managing Director of Hadley Group

The WMCA has set out plans to retrofit 50,000 homes across the West Midlands by the end of 2022 to help tackle fuel poverty.