Khan calls for £5bn affordable homes investment

Sadiq Khan has called for the government to agree to a multi-billion pound package to kick-start London’s housing sector in response to coronavirus.

Sunak set to unveil £2bn home insulation scheme

The Treasury is set to announce that hundreds of thousands of homeowners will receive vouchers for energy-saving home improvements.

Ben Towe, Managing Director of Hadley Group

The WMCA has set out plans to retrofit 50,000 homes across the West Midlands by the end of 2022 to help tackle fuel poverty.

Planning pledges could put wildlife at risk

Boris Johnson’s pledge to ‘build, build, build’ could put the English countryside and its wildlife at serious risk.

Number of renters in arrears doubles

Shelter has said that the number of private tenants in England who have fallen behind on rent has doubled during the coronavirus pandemic.

Affordable homes scheme extended by a year

A government scheme to help get more families across England into affordable homes has been extended by a year.

Labour calls for prioritisation of truly affordable homes

The Labour Party has called on the government to prioritise high-quality, zero-carbon, truly affordable homes over needs of developers.

Pandemic likely to worsen UK’s housing crisis

More than 300,000 planned new homes may remain on the drawing board over the next five years as a result of the coronavirus crisis.

Give councils the tools to incentivise retirement communities

A report argues that retirement communities should be considered a major part of the solution on how care is delivered in the future.

Manchester begins housing coronavirus homeless

GMCA has started its transition to  accommodate homeless people who have been housed in hotels during the coronavirus crisis.

£105m to keep rough sleepers safe and off the streets

Ministers have announced that interim housing for thousands of rough sleepers taken off the streets during the pandemic is to be provided.

MHCLG sets out plans for building post-coronavirus

New measures to help the construction industry boost building and return to work safely will be introduced this week.

100,000 social homes a year needed, says LGA

A post-pandemic building boom of 100,000 affordable homes a year is needed to provide housing fit for coronavirus key workers.

Less than a quarter of cladding funding spent

Only £133 million of a promised £400 million to strip social housing towers of dangerous cladding panels has been spent.

Thousands of homeless remain in temporary shelter

Three quarters of homeless people in 17 areas are still in temporary accommodation with some already sleeping rough again.