Solar panels on nearly two million homes, say Labour

Jeremy Corbyn is set to outline radical plans to fit one and three quarter million homes with electricity-generating solar panels.

'Attenborough effect' inspires beach clean-ups

Keep Britain Tidy has announced the winners of 71 Blue Flags and 137 Seaside Awards - an increase of 18 beaches on 2018.

Glasgow seeks to be the UK's first 'net-zero' city

Glasgow has unveiled plans to become the first UK city to reduce its greenhouse emissions to net-zero.

Idling vehicles could face instant fines

Michael Gove has said that drivers who repeatedly leave their car engine running while parked could be given instant fines.

Reward household recycling with smart bin use

A think tank has claimed that a new generation of smart bins could allow households who recycle to be rewarded with council tax cuts.

Tougher punishments needed to defer fly-tippers

No-one convicted of fly-tipping since new guidelines were introduced in 2014 have been slapped with the maximum £50,000 fine.

New approach to flood resilience urged

The Environment Agency has called for a new approach to ensure communities are resilient to the threat of flooding posed by climate change.

Bottle return scheme deposit at 20p

The Scottish government has outlined its plans for a deposit return scheme for some plastic drinking containers, cans and glass.

Climate change responsibility of West Midlands highlighted

West Midlands Mayor Andy Street has emphasised the moral responsibility the region has in leading the fight against climate change.

First round of funding awarded to cut food waste

More than £4 million has been awarded to help overcome barriers to getting food currently going to waste onto people’s plates.

Edinburgh joins the Open Streets movement

Edinburgh City Council has become the first in the UK to join the Open Streets movement.

Carbon emission reduction achieved in Oxford

Oxford City Council has unveiled new data that shows carbon emissions in the city have fallen by 24 per cent over the last three years.

UK can cut emissions to ‘nearly zero' by 2050

The UK can end its contribution to global warming within 30 years by setting an ambitious new target to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions to zero by 2050.

New campaign for streets designed for all ages

Councils have been urged to remember pavement potholes when repairing their roads to enable the most vulnerable to feel safer using their streets.

Time for a strategy for the rural economy

The House of Lords Select Committee on the Rural Economy is arguing for a rural strategy to help realise the potential of rural economies.