Government launches nationwide search for climate leaders

The government has announced the first 'One Step Greener' Climate Ambassadors and launched a nationwide search for climate leaders.

With 100 days to go until the UN climate change summit COP26, the government is calling on people from all walks of life to join the ‘One Step Greener’ movement on social media by sharing how they are doing their bit for the environment, championing climate leaders in their communities, and inspiring others to follow their lead. Whether big or small, one or many, green steps around the country can culminate in a large collective impact in helping make Britain a more sustainable and greener place.

The nation will also be able to nominate people in their communities who they think are making a big difference in the fight against climate change. They will have the chance to become ‘One Step Greener’ Ambassadors and showcase their stories at COP26 this November.

Leading the charge are 13 inspiring people, announced as the first ambassadors for the ‘One Step Greener’ initiative, who will be launching the search for another 13 extraordinary individuals ahead of COP26 – making 26 everyday climate leaders in the UK to mark the 26th climate summit of its kind. Among the first tranche of ‘One Step Greener’ ambassadors are Dame Jackie Daniel (NHS), Hugo Chambers (Sainsbury’s), Toby McCartney (MacRebur), Jasmine Allen (SSE) and Alice Powell (Envision Virgin Racing).

Prime Minister Boris Johnson said: “The UK has made huge strides towards a greener future, with new records in renewable energy and new targets for slashing emissions. But there are also thousands of people across the country doing their bit too, from embarking on green careers and building sustainable businesses to reducing their use of plastic and taking part in conservation projects. We can all do our bit to help tackle climate change. That’s why we’re challenging everyone to go one step greener in the next 100 days and win the chance to become an ambassador ahead of COP26 in Glasgow this November.”

COP26 President-Designate Alok Sharma said: “In my many meetings with ministers and governments around the world we discuss the big changes which urgently need to be made to tackle climate change. Setting ambitious emissions reductions targets, supporting developing nations, and protecting nature are all vital if we are to keep temperatures from rising above 1.5C. But there is a role in tackling climate change for everyone, and it is heartening to see all parts of society embracing their responsibility to safeguard our precious planet, no matter how big or small a step.”

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