GE19 Party Policy: Health

With a General Election date only a few weeks away, Government Business looks at what the main political parties are pledging on a range of issues.

GE19 Party Policy: Education

With a General Election date only a few weeks away, Government Business looks at what the main political parties are pledging on a range of issues.

Why we need a National Bus Strategy

Darren Shirley says that a National Bus Strategy can help ensure buses remain a crucial part of our public transport mix

Delivering ‘safety outcomes’ in road management

The RSMA discuss the issue of poor road markings and how road user safety can be put at risk due to poor maintenance

Incorporating a front-to-back end digital platform

St Albans City & District Council has undergone a huge digital transformation project. Caroline Croft discusses what they have achieved so far

Physical security solutions and non-violent protests

Iain Moran discuss how physical security solutions can protect non-violent protestors without unduly draining public resources

Ensuring all buildings are as efficient as possible

Russell Beattie discusses the importance of heating and ventilation systems in ensuring buildings are as energy efficient as possible

Looking to get your next cloud project signed off?

Why does the public sector struggle to build a compelling business case for cloud? Romy Hughes, director at Brightman, explores the issue

Local authorities continue to shine a light for solar

Jack Dobson-Smith explains why rooftop solar can play a large role in delivering the government's net zero ambitions

Rural buses: reversing the decline

Claire Walters discusses the factors forcing rural bus services into decline and why buses are crucial for the UK’s harder to reach communities

Investment needed in public outdoor play provision

Mark Hardy, chair of the API, explores the effect the decline in public playgrounds is having on children

GB Top 10: Clean air in the capital

Government Business lists the top 10 performing London Boroughs in the area of climate action

Keeping staff motivated in the run up to Christmas

Michael Dawson looks at how employers can boost morale and maintain staff productivity as thoughts begin to turn to Christmas

Fixing the public sector recruitment crisis

Chris Russell, policy advisor at the REC, explains why long term solutions are needed to fix public sector recruitment crisis

Photo courtesy of David Baird

Marketing NG discuss the business event opportunities in Nottingham and what the meetings industry in the city can offer for public sector conferencing

A changing climate for fleet managers

Andy Eastlake looks at what the increased focus on climate emergencies means for fleet managers and the next steps for EVs

Tees Valley: Buses on demand

The Tees Valley Combined Authority's Heather Scott looks at what the new ‘demand-responsive' bus service could mean for the region

Council collaboration to accelerate economic growth in the Borders

Rory Alexander writes about the recent Borderlands Growth Deal and the impact these investments will have on local authorities