Minimising waste to demonstrate our gratitude

Iain Gulland explains why we need to celebrate and support our binmen and binwomen in their vital role as resource managers on the frontline

Welland and Deepings [Photo by Ian Moodie]

Do you know what an IDB is and do you have one managing the drainage and water levels in your area? Innes Thomson explains

Covid-19: Conquering crisis through re-allocating space

Rachel White looks at recent government announcements to help pedestrians and cyclists to travel safely suring lockdown

Mental health in the lockdown and beyond

When this is all over, will it be said that ‘it took a pandemic to put mental health where it should be?’ Adrian Wakeling discusses

Digital is now clearly front and centre for councils

Georgina Maratheftis explains how tech innovation can help authorities with the most pressing problems that they and their communities face

Cyber security experts assemble!

Sascha Giese details the critical IT security staff that every public sector organisation should be hiring and training to keep their security up to standard

Insight and evidence in a time of uncertainty

In a post Covid-19 world, research will be vital in developing policy, planning services and governing effectively, writes Jane Frost

The West Midlands - where the world meets

The West Midlands Growth Company explain why the region is the ideal location for conferencing and events

Maintaining indoor humidity levels key to fighting the virus

Dr. Stephanie Taylor discusses the need to ensure hospitals have a humidity level so that viruses cannot spread

Are consumers getting the most out of their cylinder?

The Hot Water Association's Isaac Occhipinti takes a look at how the hot water cylinder industry can support the UK’s Net Zero demands

Could some surveillance help crime deterrence?

Is a total moratorium on CCTV facial recognition a necessary measure? When used responsibly and properly, perhaps not says the BSIA

What sort of built environment do we want for the future?

Regarding fire safety, it’s important that we ask the question: what sort of built environment do we want in the future?

Making steps to zero carbon

Simon Storer discusses the role of PIR and PUR insulation in reducing carbon emissions and the steps towards a zero carbon industry

Every action counts in Leeds’ sustainability push

Judith Blake discusses how climate change will factor into all aspects of decision-making at Leeds City Council

Making cycling accessible for all

Rachel White discusses the socio-economic gap in urban cycling, as well as cities’ actions to reduce car use and traffic emissions

How the public sector can deliver ROI through technology

David Morton highlights three approaches public sector organisations can use to maximise the return on technology investment

The importance of reviewing risk culture

Victoria Robinson discusses the importance of reviewing risk culture in an organisation’s ongoing work

Resilience in local authorities

Rob Whiteman discusses why it is important for local authorities to employ good management of their limited resources