Young workers often denied necessary training

Local government delegates at the Unison Local Government Conference backed a motion calling for improved access to training for them.

Public transport funding at a 30-year low

Delegates at the UNISON national conference have heard how funding for public transport in the UK is at its lowest level for 30 years.

New measures to support disadvantaged school children

The Education Secretary has outlined plans to prevent the most vulnerable children missing out on school.

Children centre cuts leaving families with no help

Budget cuts for UK children’s centres is leaving many unable to continue to reach families across their communities.

Warning made over ‘waste of money’ painted cycle lanes

The government has wasted hundreds of millions of pounds painting pointless white lines on busy roads and calling them cycle lanes.

‘Electric revolution’ in capital’s transport promised by Khan

Sadiq Khan outlined his plans for a major expansion of London’s electric vehicle-charging network.

Parking meters swapped for trees in Kensington

Kensington and Chelsea Council has signed up to a pollution-busting programme, which will implement completely cashless parking by 2020.

Match bus fare subsidies in north with that of London

Andy Burnham has urged the government to make the same subsidies for northern bus fares as those applied in London.

Review of Blue Badge fraud announced

People with hidden disabilities will soon be able to access Blue Badge parking permits, as a result of new Department for Transport guidance.

Prime Minister makes new mental health pledge

Theresa May has pledged better access to education, training and support across communities as part of an overhaul of society’s approach to mental illness.

Deposit scheme could drastically reduce plastic waste

A comprehensive deposit return scheme in England could prevent 6,600 tonnes of plastic waste entering rivers and the sea by 2030.

Significant group of children being denied advocacy

There is a significant group of children being denied access to advocacy – despite having a statutory entitlement to it.


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