Scale of crisis in early years sector laid bare

Early years providers are facing huge financial losses as a result of long-term underfunding and reduced demand for places.

Councils in need of further government support

Some of the largest councils in the UK say they may have to declare themselves effectively bankrupt unless the government agrees to further support.

Pandemic can be ‘turning point’ in tackling climate crisis

Ministers must seize the opportunity to turn the coronavirus crisis into a defining moment in the fight against climate change.

UK acutely vulnerable to environmental breakdown

UK policymakers remain woefully unaware of and ill-prepared for parallel threats posed by the climate crisis and destruction of nature.

Councils remind people of precautions during heatwave

As Britain braces itself for a heatwave, councils are urging people to take all necessary health precautions against the rising temperatures.

Business for Clean Air initiative launches

Global Action Plan is launching the Business for Clean Air Initiative to arm large UK companies with the tools to tackle air pollution.

Parks a smart investment for a green recovery, says report

The Parks Alliance has made the business case for parks, why they matter and why they are a ‘smart investment’.

Scottish councils to receive additional funding

Almost £258 million of additional funding for vital local services has been approved by the Scottish Parliament.

Scientists question easing several lockdown rules at once

Scientists have warned that the easing of multiple lockdown measures at once risks inadvertently boosting the spread of coronavirus.

Councils can lead 'inclusive' recovery, says LGA

Councils are striving to build local economies in a way that ensures the proceeds of growth are shared more fairly across communities.

£105m to keep rough sleepers safe and off the streets

Ministers have announced that interim housing for thousands of rough sleepers taken off the streets during the pandemic is to be provided.

Invest in nature to reap big climate dividends

A new report from The Wildlife Trusts shows how investing in nature would reap big dividends in tackling climate crisis.