Inquiry launched to scrutinise response to coronavirus

Two Select Committees have launched a joint inquiry into lessons to be learned from the response to the coronavirus pandemic so far.

Increased infection rates for areas with restrictions

19 out of 20 areas in England that have been have been under restrictions for two months have seen an increase in infection rates.

Coronavirus hospital cases in England jump by a quarter

The number of people admitted to hospital with coronavirus on one day has jumped by nearly a quarter in England.

Only half of renters felt safe at home during lockdown

New research from Shelter has revealed that only half of private renters in England felt safe in their homes during the coronavirus lockdown.

Social prescribing pilots scheme launches

Applications have opened to deliver four ‘green social prescribing’ pilots in communities hardest hit by coronavirus.

Urgent re-think of lockdown policy needed, says Burnham

The government is in danger of losing public support for its approach to local lockdowns without an urgent re-think of the policy.

Majority want testing programme run by NHS

Three quarters of the British public want to see the government’s programme of mass testing run by the NHS and public health protection teams.

Up to 10 million may need extra mental health support

The government and the NHS must urgently prepare to meet increased need for mental health support.

Potential local lockdown in South Yorkshire

Dan Jarvis is warning of a potential local lockdown in South Yorkshire if the government fails to fix the coronavirus testing system.

Public wants an economy that prioritises care

The Women’s Budget Group has revealed overwhelming public support for more priority to be given to investment in care services.

Make it easier for families to walk and cycle to school

81 per cent of London parents say it’s essential local authorities now take steps to make it easier for families to walk and cycle to school.

Burnham calls for urgent lockdown simplifications

Andy Burnham has warned that people are becoming increasingly confused and frustrated by complex and contradictory lockdown rules.

PPE becoming a growing issue for councils

The littering of face masks and plastic gloves is becoming an issue for councils who are seeing more PPE discarded incorrectly.

Childcare closures likely to hit rural areas worst

Councils are warning that remoter rural areas could be impacted the most by childcare closures as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

LGA calls for clarity over COVID support scheme reimbursement

Following the Government’s announcement of a new legal duty to self-isolate with councils responsible for distributing financial support to low-income households to help, The Local Government Association has called for 'urgent clarity' about how councils will be reimbursed.