Council calls for creation of national care service

Gateshead Council has urged the government to create a National Care Service, that would work alongside the NHS, to end the current 'care crisis'.

National alcohol ‘epidemic’ not being tackled

Ongoing cuts to alcohol rehabilitation services are leading to a ‘national epidemic’ of alcohol-related problems not being tackled.

Better care in the community can prevent A&E admissions

More than four in 10 emergency admissions to hospital from care homes could potentially be avoided through better care in the community.

Government pledges to end smoking by 2030

The government has pledged to end smoking in England by 2030 as part of a much-criticised green paper on ill health.

North West organisations sign Healthy Weight Declaration

Cumbria Association of Local Councils is among a number of organisations in the North West to sign up to the Food Active Healthy Weight Declaration.

Better Care Fund renewed for 2019 to 2020

Ministers have confirmed that the Better Care Fund will be renewed for 2019 to 2020, bringing the pooled funding to over £6.4 billion.

Rural communities worst hit in adult social care crisis

The Salvation Army has found that there is significantly less money to care for older people who live in rural areas across England.

Half of Welsh population unprepared for old age

Welsh Government research has found that over half of population of Wales is not making any provision for their old age.

Adopt social model to deal with mental health

Social workers are urging the government and NHS to promote the social model of health within new mental health legislation.

Children with Type 2 diabetes rises by nearly half

The number of young people being treated for Type 2 diabetes has risen by nearly 50 per cent in just five years.

£135 million investment in health research

The NHS will form new partnerships to solve some of the biggest issues facing health and social care over the next five years.

Use retirement communities to meet housing needs

Retirement communities have a major role to play in meeting the housing and care needs of our ageing population.

£15bn of dementia patient money spent on social care

People living with dementia have had to spend almost £15bn of their own money on social care since March 2017.

Care providers call for Green Paper to be scrapped

Care providers are claiming that the government should scrap the long-delayed Green Paper on care and take immediate action instead.

Plough money into social care, not tax cuts

Tax cuts for the rich have deprived the UK public of almost £14bn - which could fund plans to address the social care crisis for two full years.