Plans to boost cycling and walking in danger

Government plans to boost levels of walking and cycling in the UK post-coronavirus are under threat from a minority of objectors.

UK's pandemic planning an 'astonishing failure'

The Public Accounts Committee has labelled the government's failure to plan for the economic impact of a pandemic as ‘astonishing’.

Care home visits to resume in England

The government has said that care home residents in England can begin to be reunited with one of their loved ones.

Virus impact on ethnic minorities linked to air pollution

The impact of coronavirus on people from minority ethnic groups has been linked to air pollution and overcrowded housing.

Public health directors urge action on obesity

Eight directors of public health from the north-west of England have written to Boris Johnson calling for any anti-coronavirus obesity plan.

£3 million awarded to help tackle air pollution

UK Research and Innovation has awarded £3 million to support six research networks that will investigate solutions to air pollution.

Boost for buses in Birmingham post-coronavirus

Birmingham City Council has published its Birmingham Bus Statement, supporting buses as the UK recovers from coronavirus.

McDonnell calls for the urgent nationalisation of care services

Former Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell has called for the urgent nationalisation of care services in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

Plans to share more coronavirus data with councils

Matt Hancock has outlined measures to increase testing and support the NHS this winter, including more local authority powers.

Government announces pay rises for public sector staff

Rishi Sunak will announce that public sector workers will see above inflation pay rises this year.

Test and trace less successful in poorer areas

England’s poorest communities are at greater risk of a second wave of coronavirus owing to imbalances in the test-and-trace system.

Government pursues smoking and non-smoking outdoor options

Ministers have announced that people using pubs, restaurants and cafes will soon have greater freedom to choose non-smoking outdoor areas.

Councils given new powers for local shutdowns

Councils have been given new powers to close shops and shut outdoor public spaces to manage local outbreaks of coronavirus.

Changing Places toilets to be compulsory in new public buildings

The government has made Changing Places toilets compulsory in new buildings, backed by £30 million in funding.

Councils call for smoke-free pavements

Councils have said that smoke-free pavements outside pubs, cafes and bars should be introduced to make them healthier spaces.