New campaign advises on household ventilation

A new campaign has launched across digital channels, radio stations and newspapers, demonstrating the importance of simple ventilation techniques to reduce the risks of catching coronavirus this winter.

To be used on NHS and government digital channels, the explainer film demonstrates the positive impact of reducing coronavirus levels indoors by opening a window for just 10 minutes every hour when socialising with others.

Part of a wider campaign, including national radio and press adverts, the key message will be to ‘Stop Covid-19 hanging around’. The film clearly shows the difference in airflow and airborne particle movement when indoors in relation to coronavirus.

Dr Thomas Waite, Deputy Chief Medical Officer for England, said: “Small but important actions can help protect us against Covid-19. Getting vaccinations, wearing a face covering in enclosed spaces and taking regular Covid-19 tests all make an important difference but it is also crucial that we don’t overlook the value of ventilation.

“People with Covid-19 release virus particles into the air whenever they speak, breathe or cough and these can linger in unventilated settings. With winter fast approaching and people spending more time indoors, it’s vital everyone understands the importance of using ventilation, such as regularly opening windows - even if just for a few minutes - to keep the air moving and prevent infections.”

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