Potential local lockdown in South Yorkshire

Dan Jarvis is warning of a potential local lockdown in South Yorkshire if the government fails to fix the coronavirus testing system.

Public wants an economy that prioritises care

The Women’s Budget Group has revealed overwhelming public support for more priority to be given to investment in care services.

Make it easier for families to walk and cycle to school

81 per cent of London parents say it’s essential local authorities now take steps to make it easier for families to walk and cycle to school.

Burnham calls for urgent lockdown simplifications

Andy Burnham has warned that people are becoming increasingly confused and frustrated by complex and contradictory lockdown rules.

PPE becoming a growing issue for councils

The littering of face masks and plastic gloves is becoming an issue for councils who are seeing more PPE discarded incorrectly.

Childcare closures likely to hit rural areas worst

Councils are warning that remoter rural areas could be impacted the most by childcare closures as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

LGA calls for clarity over COVID support scheme reimbursement

Following the Government’s announcement of a new legal duty to self-isolate with councils responsible for distributing financial support to low-income households to help, The Local Government Association has called for 'urgent clarity' about how councils will be reimbursed.

Care homes to get free PPE until March

A new adult social care winter plan has been revealed which aims to curb the spread of coronavirus infections in care settings.

£546m care home package to be announced

Boris Johnson has announced a £546 million funding package to help protect care homes from coronavirus this winter.

Sector missing opportunities to improve adult care

Michael King is urging for more to be done to help the adult social care sector capitalise on the valuable learning complaints can bring.

Supporting elderly crucial to post-pandemic resilience

The Centre for Ageing Better has stressed the need for stronger action to support those in their 50s and 60s in the wake of coronavirus.

Investment needed in addiction services post-pandemic

Psychiatrists have warned that addiction services are not equipped to treat the soaring numbers of people drinking at high risk during the pandemic.

Green light for e-scooter trial in York

City of York Council has announced a year-long e-scooter trial and selected TIER to run the game-changing technology on its streets.

Labour says winter social care plan must be priority

Labour has written to Matt Hancock setting out five key areas where action is needed to protect care homes this winter.

Lockdown air quality levels could improve lung health of children

Reducing air pollution around schools could halve the number of children with lung function so poor it affects their everyday lives.