£4.3m for six projects to explore virus-ethnicity link

Six new projects to improve our understanding of the links between coronavirus and ethnicity have been funded by the NIHR and UKRI.

Government slammed for ‘negligent approach’ to social care

'Appalling error’ to discharge 25,000 patients into care homes without ensuring all were first tested for coronavirus, say MPs.

Free school meals should be extended, says review

A healthy eating review says that free school meals should be extended to a further 1.5 million children in England.

Walking and cycling must be embedded into transport network

Investment in active travel must enable these structural and behavioural changes to become a permanent part of everyday life, says ADEPT.

Campaigners bemoan lack of translated virus advice

Campaigners have warned that a lack of translated coronavirus guidance is jeopardising the safety of non-English speakers in the UK.

Prime Minister announces cycling ‘revolution’ plans

Boris Johnson has announced a number of new plans to overhaul cycling and walking, as part of his ongoing bid to improve the nation's health.

Large unmet demand for cycling from ethnic minorities

Following the new Obesity Strategy, Sustrans has launched a new report that outlines practical steps to make urban cycling more inclusive.

Flexible hours during coronavirus should become new normal

A new IPPR report has argued that the UK is nearing a ‘pivotal moment’ when new working practices could be adopted across the economy.

Government unveils new Obesity Strategy

The Department of Health and Social Care has unveiled its new Obesity Strategy to help beat coronavirus and protect the NHS.

GPs to prescribe cycling to help tackle obesity

The government is to announce that GPs will be encouraged to prescribe cycling as a way for patients to lose weight.

Social care needs a reset, say council leaders

The LGA has warned that social care needs a reset and must not simply revert back to the way it was prior to the coronavirus pandemic.

14 people wiped out financially by care bills each day

14 people exhaust their assets paying for care every day, prompting calls for the Prime Minister to keep his promise to ‘fix social care’.

Plan healthier lifestyles into new housing developments

Homes England is backing new design guidance which encourages healthier lifestyles to be planned into new housing developments.

Sadiq Khan reveals plans for two new woodlands

The Mayor of London has announced new projects that will improve Londoners’ access to nature and create an even greener city.

London Councils champion green recovery from coronavirus

Eight proposals for tackling the climate emergency have been unanimously agreed by London Councils’ Leaders Committee.