Councils need help to avoid going bankrupt

The Centre for Progressive Policy has found that at least eight in ten English councils need help to avoid going bankrupt.

Sajid Javid warns against return to austerity

Former Chancellor Sajid Javid has warned against a return to austerity as the UK economy struggles with the effects of the coronavirus crisis.

Public think economic plan should target net zero

The UK's Climate Assembly want net-zero alignment embedded in all facets of the upcoming coronavirus recovery package.

MHCLG sets out plans for building post-coronavirus

New measures to help the construction industry boost building and return to work safely will be introduced this week.

Virus costing Greater Manchester authorities £732m

The impact of coronavirus in Greater Manchester and the actions taken to manage the pandemic will be £732 million by the end of 2020/21 alone.

Lower income households turning to borrowing on the rise

Lower income households are twice as likely as high-income households to have increased their use of consumer credit during the coronavirus crisis.

Councils facing serious financial risks from pandemic

The IFS has warned that councils in deprived and affluent areas face serious financial risks from the coronavirus crisis as incomes fall and costs grow.

Austerity hitting Labour councils harder than Tory areas

New analysis has revealed that Labour councils have borne the brunt of local government cuts over a decade of austerity.

MPs urge chancellor to consider four-day week for UK

A group of cross-party MPs have urged Chancellor Rishi Sunak to consider a four-day working week for the UK, post-coronavirus.

100,000 social homes a year needed, says LGA

A post-pandemic building boom of 100,000 affordable homes a year is needed to provide housing fit for coronavirus key workers.

£1bn to help pupils catch up after lockdown

The government is to give an extra £650 million to schools in England to help pupils catch up on teaching missed since March.

Families on UC forced into lockdown debt ‘nightmare’

Nearly two thirds of hard-pressed families on Universal Credit are borrowing money to stay afloat during the coronavirus pandemic.

Further action needed to protect care services

ADASS has published its second report into the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on social care services, arguing that more needs to be done.

Bring services back from private sector, says report

Bringing back services from the private sector to government hands can improve quality, increase reliability, and save money.

Khan threatens significant cuts across London

Sadiq Khan has warned that he will be left with no choice other than to make significant cuts across the cpaital, unless the government acts.