New funding to preserve Cornish culture and heritage

Lord Bourne has announced a new £200,000 fund will help support and preserve Cornwall’s rich language, heritage and culture.

Rural England risks being 'left behind' post-Brexit

The LGA has warned that millions living in rural England are at risk of being 'left behind' following the UK’s withdrawal from the EU.

Lords warns government to act now on social care

The Economic Affairs Committee recommends the government spend at least £8 billion to restore social care to acceptable standards.

PM hopefuls should pledge finance to mend broken childhoods

Children’s Commissioner has argued for the next Prime Minister to put their proposed savings towards mending broken childhoods.

Councils at risk of losing £5.3bn EU cash

Councils risk losing £5.3bn in just 18 months if the government does not put in place replacement funding arrangements for Brexit.

Shift from ‘consolidation state’ towards ‘investment state’

A new Institute for Public Policy Research report has argued that austerity has failed economically, fiscally and socially.

Midlands councils bid for public transport funding

Derby and Nottingham city councils have bid for up to £188 million of funding to improve public transport and better connect the two cities.

Balanced budget delivered in Northamptonshire

Northamptonshire County Council has delivered a balanced budget for 2018-19, with an underspend of £4.5 million.

New £15m fund to transform high streets

The Transforming Places Through Heritage fund has opened to reinvigorate England’s high streets and town centres.

Pilot scheme launched to recover unpaid council tax

Birmingham City Council is one of 29 local authorities chosen to pilot a scheme that will help local councils recover unpaid council tax.

Councils fear funding for legal duties will run out

A third of councils fear they will run out of funding to provide their statutory services by the end of this Parliament.

High streets funding boost of over £100,000

High Streets Minister Jake Berry has announced the four local communities set to receive a funding boost of a share of over £100,000.

Childcare risks becoming the preserve of the wealthy

Childcare in England risks becoming the preserve of the wealthy, unless a £660 million funding gap in a free childcare scheme is plugged.

£394.5 million investment for Borderlands

David Mundell has announced a £394.5 million investment into the five local authority areas of the Scottish Borderlands.

Councils to make a £913m surplus from parking

English councils are predicting that they will collectively make a £913 million surplus from their parking activities in the current financial year.


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