Wales spending more on key public services

Mark Drakeford has welcomed official figures which show Wales continues to invest more in key public services than other parts of the UK.

Two thirds can expect to undertake unpaid care duties

Two thirds of UK adults can expect to care unpaid for a loved one in their lifetime, new figures suggest.

Labour pledges a ‘housing revolution’

With the party launching its election manifesto, Labour is announcing new plans for the biggest council and social housing programme in decades.

Public want reform of UK economy

The IPPR has uncovered overwhelming public support for a fundamental change in how the British economy is run.

Labour to tackle '10 modern scourges of poverty'

Labour has pledged to wage war on the 'ten modern scourges of poverty' and reverse the damage of a decade of austerity.

Lib Dems pledge 20,000 more teachers

The Lib Dems have promised to recruit 20,000 more teachers and spend an extra £10 billion on schools each year.

Johnson delays corporation tax cuts to help fund NHS

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has vowed to delay cuts to corporation tax to fund other ‘priorities’ like the NHS.

Councils made £930m from parking charges in a year

New figures from the RAC Foundation show that councils across the country made a total of £930 million from parking activities in a year.

Main party leaders to commit to tackling homelessness

Andy Burnham has challenged party leaders to commit to taking immediate steps to tackle the homelessness crisis and save lives this winter.

Child poverty in working households up by 800,000

New TUC analysis has shown that the number of children growing up in poverty in working households has risen by 800,000 since 2010.

Help for 'left-behind' towns part of Tory pledge

The Prime Minister has announced an ambitious package to support towns and communities across Britain.

Basic income by 2025 pledged by Greens

The Green Party has pledged to introduce a universal basic income by 2025, which would see every adult receiving a minimum of £89 per week.

Business rates and council tax relief following flooding

Households and business owners significantly affected by recent flooding will have immediate relief on their council tax and business rates.

Solar power hubs for 2,000 public spaces, says Labour

Labour will install solar power hubs in 2,000 public spaces, saving them an average of £3,000 on their bills every year.

Council tax collection practices working for no one

Households struggling to pay their council tax are being pushed into further debt as outdated regulations mean bailiffs are collecting arrears.


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