Small fall in number of substandard road bridges

The RAC Foundation has reported that the number of substandard road bridges managed by councils  has fallen slightly over the past year.

£20 million to connect communities with new stations

Chris Heaton-Harris has announced that towns and cities could see new stations constructed thanks to £20 million of new funding.

The LGA has warned that reductions in adult education funding have coincided with a drop of 3.8 million adult learners since 2010.

UK2070: ’Go big' to tackle regional inequalities

An additional £200 billion of regional funds should be channelled to disadvantaged parts of the country over the next two decades.

2011 Housing benefit reform was a false economy

Research has found that the 2011 Housing benefit reform was a false economy, and simply shifted burdens to local councils.

Debts are putting children's care at risk

Six of the 10 largest independent groups of providers of children’s residential and fostering placements had more debts and liabilities than

Childcare costs surge at over double the rate of inflation

A new survey has revealed that parents in the UK are paying five per cent more for childcare for under-twos than they were one year ago.

Imbalances between the North and South set to widen

Geographic imbalances in England will widen between 2020 and 2023 unless a new approach to policy is adopted.

Many people in council tax arrears can’t afford to pay debts

Many people in council tax arrears can’t afford to pay their debts, with four in 10 having no money left at all after covering living costs.

Multi-billion spending increase for councils confirmed

The government has confirmed the largest increase in councils’ spending power for a decade through the local government finance settlement.

2030 smoke-free target likely to be missed

A new report from Cancer Research UK has warned that England will fail to be smoke-free by 2030 if current smoking trends continue.

Building more homes for Londoners top priority

London Councils has set out its priorities for the next four years, highlighting the need for further investment and devolution.

Adult social care risks creating unfair ‘two-tier’ system

The crisis in adult social care risks creating a ‘system for the rich’ that leaves poor communities unable to get the access they need.

Scotland announces fair pay for public sector workers

Scottish Finance Secretary Kate Forbes has announced a range of measures to further support the public sector workforce in Scotland.

Over half of public support local tourism levy

More than half of residents think their council should have powers to choose to introduce a local tourism levy.