1,000s of children at risk when EU Settlement closes

Coram Children’s Legal Centre has warned that thousands of children are at risk of being left without status after Brexit.

Council funding gap widens to £7.4 billion

Between March and June, councils have incurred £4.8 billion of extra cost pressures and income losses as a result of the coronavirus pandemic

UK has ‘unprecedented chance’ to build net zero future

The ICE has said that the UK has a ‘once-in-a-generation opportunity to recalibrate the economy’ and build a net zero future.

Provide councils with vital data, say doctors

The government should provide vital data more quickly to local authorities to help them deal with coronavirus spikes in their areas.

‘Inaction’ has created ‘perfect storm’ for councils

Keir Starmer is warning that the government’s inaction during the coronavirus crisis has created the ‘perfect storm’ for local councils.

Labour calls for prioritisation of truly affordable homes

The Labour Party has called on the government to prioritise high-quality, zero-carbon, truly affordable homes over needs of developers.

Pandemic likely to worsen UK’s housing crisis

More than 300,000 planned new homes may remain on the drawing board over the next five years as a result of the coronavirus crisis.

Johnson announces 'new deal' to build post-virus

Boris Johnson will promise to ‘build build build’ as he unveils the government's plan to soften the economic impact of coronavirus.

Lockdown tightened in Leicester as cases rise

Matt Hancock has confirmed that Leicester will undergo the UK's first full local lockdown with stricter measures imposed in the city.

Give councils the tools to incentivise retirement communities

A report argues that retirement communities should be considered a major part of the solution on how care is delivered in the future.

Millennium Square, Sheffield

New powers and millions of pounds in new funding are coming to South Yorkshire, as the region’s landmark devolution deal is agreed.

£14bn needed a year needed to meet climate commitments

The Green Alliance has said that an additional £14 billion is needed each year to help the UK meet its climate commitments.