Roadmap taskforces established for safe sector reopening

Five new ministerial-led taskforces have been set up to develop plans for how and when closed sectors can reopen safely.

Labour calls for new coronavirus food plan

Labour has called for a new coronavirus food plan to become part of new farming and food laws, as part of an amendment to the Agriculture Bill.

Oxford to seek maintained air quality following lockdown

Oxford City Council is exploring the opportunity to make ‘once in a generation’ improvements to transport and public space in the city centre.

Change of message ‘too early’ for North West

Andy Burnham and Steve Rotheram have warned that the government’s change of coronavirus message comes ‘too early’ for the North West.

Coronavirus test team expands to boost effectiveness

The government has expanded the team leading on the rapid nationwide roll-out of the coronavirus test and trace programme.

New portal for care homes to arrange coronavirus testing

All care home staff and residents are now eligible for testing with priority for those in homes that look after the over-65s.

Furlough scheme extended until October

The furlough scheme will be extended by a further four months with workers continuing to receive 80 per cent of their current salary.

Public advised to cover faces in enclosed spaces

The government is advising the public to consider wearing face coverings in enclosed public spaces to help reduce the spread of coronavirus.

Burnham urges for coronavirus regional support

Andy Burnham has called for more support from the government for cities outside London to ease lockdown restrictions.

Councils warn against surge in virus-related scams

Scams passed on to councils of fraudsters shamelessly exploiting coronavirus fears by selling fake and unsafe products have soared in recent weeks.

Care-worker death rate twice that of health workers

Those working in social care in England and Wales have been twice as likely to die with coronavirus as the general working-age population.

‘Reckless’ government putting workers at risk

The British Safety Council has demanded that no worker be forced back to their workplace until it has been made safe.