Labour pledges to plant two billion trees by 2040

Labour has announced plans to create ten new National Nature Parks in its first term and plant two billion new trees by 2040.

Six in ten have never checked their flood risk

A survey has revealed that people in Great Britain are still not checking the flood risk of their homes.

Nottingham celebrates new Climate Champion title

Nottingham City Council has won the title of Climate Champion in recognition of its plans to be the first UK city to become carbon neutral.

Glasgow sets 2030 target to be free of unnecessary plastics

Glasgow should be free of unnecessary plastic by the year 2030 and phase out all single-use plastics by 2022.

Tories failed to fulfil half of their 2017 manifesto pledges

The University of Manchester has revealed that the outgoing Conservative government achieved less than half of what it set out to do.

Labour announces boost to 18 Violence Reduction Units

Labour has said that it will provide a boost to 18 Violence Reduction Units tackling highest rates of gang-related violent crime.

House building doubles across West Midlands

Nearly 17,000 homes were built in the West Midlands last year, meaning housing construction has more than doubled in the last eight years.

More people expected to rely on food banks this Christmas

An increase in food bank parcels needed this year suggests that more people than ever will need a food bank’s help this Christmas.

Leicestershire offers electric bikes to workplaces

Leicestershire County Council is launching a sustainable travel loan service which will see electric bikes offered to workplaces.

Tory manifesto risks child poverty reaching record highs

New research argues that child poverty risks reaching a record high under plans outlined in the Conservative Party manifesto.

The ‘Shaping Places for Healthier Lives’ scheme will look to support and promote innovative ways of tackling health inequalities in local areas.

Nissan has outlined an action plan for public authorities on ways to unlock the potential of electric vehicles and battery technology to meet carbon neutral goals by 2050.


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