Rebecca Morris, head of communications at RoadPeace, the national charity for road crash victims explains some of the dangers faced by walkers, wheelers and cyclists and how to address these

Local roads are the routes we use every day – to get children to school, to reach shops or work, to enjoy a social life or simply to join the motorway to travel farther afield. The Road Safety Markings Association’s George Lee analyses their importance

White line markings on roads can save lives and it is therefore important that they are maintained to such a standard that they do their job properly. But a report by the Road Safety Markings Association reveals that many road markings are in a bad state

Spending cuts are no doubt making it more difficult for urban authorities to address road safety. But despite, this many local authorities are showing that road safety is still a priority, writes Caroline Rheubottom, communications officer at the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM)

Standards, compliance and research are the key areas the Government needs to address if it is to achieve the goals set out in its Strategic Framework for Road Safety

A clear understanding of how to specify the correct products for different applications is key to reducing the risk of road accidents, writes the Association for Road Traffic Safety and Management

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