Aspiring entrepreneurs from across Britain will get financial backing from the government under a £69 million package of support that will help create tens of thousands of new businesses.

Small and medium-sized businesses in the UK do not believe that the government is doing enough to support enterprise, new findings reveal.

The government has confirmed it is to begin selling down its stake in Lloyds Banking Group.

The proposed £45m High Speed 2 rail project could pay for itself within nine years, according to a report commissioned by the developers.

Teams of local ‘experts’ will advise towns on how they can adapt their high streets to changing consumer behaviour from this month.

The government and NHS is to invest £1 billion in IT technology to improve clinical efficiency and safety.

The government could save up to £70 billion between now and 2020 by extending its adoption of digital technologies, according to a new report by think tank Policy Exchange. 

The sector is growing by almost 4% a year, creating 136,000 jobs and increasing the country’s GDP by 1%

According to the Confederation of British Industry (CBI), growth this year will be 1.2 per cent, compared to the one per cent it originally forecast.

According to the UK Trade and Investment the Olympics cost the government £8.7bn and earned UK business £9.9bn however it is still unclear if UK businesses really benefited.

Information on opportunities to win future government construction contracts will help suppliers to plan ahead and grow their businesses, Cabinet Office Minister Chloë Smith said this week

Local authority spending is forecast to fall to £93.8bn next year, but the reduction is less than previous years.