New register for home-educated children likely

The government is reportedly consulting on plans to launch a new register of children in England who are being educated at home.

£4.8m for digital social care projects

Organisations which commission adult social care services are being invited to bid for a share of £4.8 million.

Illegal toxic air for two million Londoners

The Mayor of London Sadiq Khan has revealed that two million Londoners are living in areas which exceed legal limits for air pollution.

Sprinkler calls led by Birmingham City Council

A campaign for the government to fund the retro-fitting of life-saving sprinklers in thousands of high-rise tower blocks is underway.

Public sector gender pay gap widens

Latest figures have shown that the public sector has failed to narrow its gender pay gap this year.

£201 million for pothole repairs

The government has announced that an extra £50 million will be given to councils to improve potholes on local roads.

Northamptonshire County Council to have section 114 notice lifted

The decision comes following a recommendation from the two government appointed inspectors who were brought in to oversee the council’s turbulent financial crisis

NALC calls for abolition of 17 remaining charter trustee bodies

National Assocation of Local Councils: "The number is now up for these unaccountable local bodies."

Think tank calls for outsourcing reform

Policy think tank Reform says Government should improve the rules for outsourcing, but warns against banning private and third sector involvement.

Council Tax: Shire counties face biggest increase

Residents in shire counties will be paying £76 more than the national average of £1,750.

CIPFA Conference warns local authorities on Brexit preparations

Dan Burke, partner at PriceWaterhouseCooper, has said that local authorities have "a lot more to do" in order to prepare for Brexit.

An increase in local authority highway maintenance budgets is stemming the decline in the condition of the local road network, according to this year’s Annual Local Authority Road Maintenance (ALARM) survey.

Clean Bus Technology Fund: 14 councils to share £25m

1817 buses are expected to be retrofitted to bring buses up to low emission standards

Recycling and waste infrastructure 'creaking' says report

The UK’s recycling infrastructure is not set up to cope with packaging materials from a growth in online retail, packaging manufacturer DS Smith ha

Local income tax 'best option' for devolution, says IFS

The Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS) report released today states that income tax seems the most promising candidate for partial devolution.