Coronavirus: Jenrick reaffirms support for councils

Robert Jenrick has said that the government is ready to do whatever is necessary to support councils in their response to coronavirus.

Homeless need ‘safe spaces’ to self-isolate

The government is being urged to provide safe spaces for the homeless and other vulnerable people to self-isolate, amid the Coronavirus pandemic.

PM to head daily press conferences on coronavirus

From today, the Prime Minister and senior ministers will host daily press conferences on the coronavirus pandemic.

WMCA to help build affordable homes for key workers

A deal struck by the WMCA will see affordable homes built for nurses and other low paid staff working at the new Midland Metropolitan Hospital.

Social care guidance to protect against COVID-19

New guidance for councils and care providers will ensure that adults receiving social care will be better protected against coronavirus.

PrEP to be made available across England

Local authorities will receive £16 million in 2020 to 2021 to deliver the preventative HIV treatment PrEP.

Social care funding and workforce inquiry launched

The Health and Social Care Committee has launched an inquiry into social care funding to counteract the impact of a shortage of care on the NHS.

Taskforce to boost local response to coronavirus outbreak

Robert Jenrick has launched a new taskforce bringing together senior experts across sectors to tackle the outbreak of coronavirus.

School dinners ‘led to fall in childhood obesity rates’

A new University of Essex study has found that free school meals is a useful weapon in the fight against childhood obesity.

Emergency legislation 'will protect NHS volunteers'

Emergency coronavirus legislation could include measures to allow people to leave their jobs and volunteer to care for those affected.

Thousands of public toilet closures since 2010

Government cuts have heightened public hygiene problems with the closure of more than a fifth of public toilets in Britain during the past decade.

Social care expenditure continues to rise

New research has found that councils’ expenditure on both adult and children’s social care continues to rise at an alarming rate.

Public want reduced car use and increased cycling

The new Sustran’s Bike Life report shows increasing levels of public support to reduce car use and make it easier for people to cycle.

UK in danger of failing a generation of children

The RCPCH has warned that the UK is in danger of ‘failing a generation’ of children, with progress of health well-being having stalled.

Government sets out coronavirus ‘battle plan’

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has set out the government’s action plan to tackle the developing spread of the coronavirus.