Research finds that poorer children missing out on exercise

New research suggests that, when it comes to getting enough exercise, wealthier children are beating their poorer classmates.

Social care crisis costing £587m due to bed blocking

Age UK has claimed that lack of social care will have led to 2.5 million lost bed days in the NHS over the 917 days between the elections.

UK planning systems neglecting rights of children

Planning systems in the UK are failing to consider the rights and needs of children, leading to detrimental effects on their well-being.

Labour pledges to boost cycling and walking

A successful Labour Party in this month’s General Election will make England one of the most cycling and walking friendly places in the world

Social care concerns higher than ever

Adass has found that almost all social care directors are concerned about their ability to provide the care they are legally required to.

‘Political will’ key to cross-party social care solution

Sir Andrew Dilnot has said that a cross-party solution for social care in England can be found if there is enough ‘political will’.

Children in UK exposed to more asbestos than other countries

Children in the UK can be exposed to 10 times as much asbestos as they would be in some other European countries.

Hedge planting can halve traffic pollution reaching children

A new study has found that planting a hedge in front of a park can halve the amount of traffic pollution that reaches children as they play.

Conservatives pledge extra cash for social care

The Conservatives are pledging an extra £1 billion per year for social care in England over the next five years.

NHS leads as top election issue, finds poll

New polling has claimed that the NHS has overtaken Brexit as the most important electoral issue for adults in the UK.

Two thirds can expect to undertake unpaid care duties

Two thirds of UK adults can expect to care unpaid for a loved one in their lifetime, new figures suggest.

Half a million children not seeking mental health support

Almost half a million children who are worried about their feelings or behaviour are not asking anyone for help.

Two new 20mph zones get go-ahead in Leicester

Two communities in Leicester will get 20mph zones covering residential streets after local support for the road safety schemes.

‘Social prescribing’ exercise benefits smaller than thought

Researchers have argued that the so-called ‘social prescribing’ of exercise to patients may not yield the benefits hoped for.

Johnson delays corporation tax cuts to help fund NHS

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has vowed to delay cuts to corporation tax to fund other ‘priorities’ like the NHS.