Sport England promotes physical activity vision

Helping grassroots sport and physical activity recover from the effects of the coronavirus pandemic is at the centre of Sport England’s 10-year strategy.

Uniting the Movement runs through to 2031 but is most immediately focused on helping the people and organisations delivering grassroots sport and physical activity to cope with the pressure of the pandemic.

Following extensive consultation with the sport and physical activity sector, Uniting the Movement identifies the longer-term challenges of the decade ahead – issues that were still important before coronavirus struck, but are now crucial.

As its heart, the strategy seeks to tackle long-standing inequalities that have existed within the sports sector and been reinforced by the disruption of the pandemic. As a result, Uniting the Movement demonstrates a focus on providing more opportunities for those who are being left behind.

Alongside the 10-year vision, Sport England is also making £50 million available to support this network this year.

Tim Hollingsworth, chief executive of Sport England, said: "This strategy comes at a critical time. Alongside the National Lottery and government, we have made significant funding available, but many organisations are struggling, and activity levels have taken a significant hit. But amid all that challenge and uncertainty, we believe there are also enormous opportunities to fast-track the role sport and physical activity plays in helping people to live happier, healthier lives.

"With a short-term focus on helping sport to recover from the ongoing challenges of the pandemic, this strategy identifies the other major issues that for the next decade will be a priority. At the heart of all this is a ruthless focus on providing opportunities to people and communities that have traditionally been left behind, and helping to remove the barriers that stop them from playing sport and being active."