The Local Government Association (LGA) has said that plans to scrap the Local Welfare Assistance (LWA) fund could “make it increasingly difficult to help vulnerable people facing short-term crises.”

The Audit Commission has said that the cost of managing local authorities has risen by a tenth in the last decade, and that a lack of monitoring is preventing savings from being made.

The Ministry of Justice has reduced the amount of time offenders will need to disclose details of low level convictions. The government hopes this will help more offenders enter gainful employment.

The government has announced that in the next financial year, increases in council tax of over two per cent will require a local referendum in the affected council.

The Big Lottery Fund has awarded £112 million to help end what they call 'the revolving door of care' for people with complex multiple needs such as homelessness and addiction.

Safety experts reminded public service bodies of the importance of upholding health and safety standards when working with contractors at an event in Nottingham.

The government has announced new measures to support small business, which it claims could save entrepreneurs tens of thousands of pounds per year.

Britain's economy grew at its fastest pace in 2013 in six years, according to a new report released

A survey has shown major progression in the past four years in terms of output and employment in the UK tech industry.

The government will attempt to reinvigorate ‘Right to Buy’ in 2014. The maximum discount for a house will increase from 60 per cent to 70 per cent of its value.

Members of the public and businesses will be able to bid to buy up a portion of Whitehall’s £330bn land and property portfolio under a Treasury-backed scheme.

Voters could be required to bring proof of identity to polling stations, in a bid to combat fraudulent votes, the Electoral Commission has said.