New Manchester environmental campaign revealed

A new campaign is looking to inspire residents, businesses and policy makers to work together to put nature at the heart of Greater Manchester.

Unveiled at the Greater Manchester Natural Capital Group Conference, the new partnership brings together the likes of the Environment Agency, Natural England, the Royal Horticultural Society, Lancashire Wildlife Trust, City of Trees, United Utilities, and Greater Manchester Combined Authority (GMCA).

Officially launching in spring this year, the campaign will feature a toolkit of resources including  an inspirational film, animations including key facts, social media content bank and photography, looking to engage with people and organisations across Greater Manchester to work together to lead change.

The recent Natural Capital Group conference, attended by more than 180 delegates from a range of sectors, saw a series of major announcements from partners, including an investment of more than £1.5 million in new tree planting across Greater Manchester as part of Defra’s Urban Tree Challenge Fund, and the opening date of the Royal Horticultural Society’s (RHS) first new garden in nearly two decades, RHS Garden Bridgewater, located in Salford.

The Greater Manchester Combined Authority has developed a Five-Year Environment Plan with input from representatives across the city-region, setting out a wide-ranging vision to achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2038 and tackle the effects of the climate emergency.

Andrew Western, Greater Manchester’s lead for Green City Region, said: “This is an innovative new campaign showcasing how we can all do our bit to help the environment. In Greater Manchester we are always looking at how we can do things differently and it is really encouraging to see so many partners working together on this project to ensure we can have as much of an impact as possible. It is set to launch properly in spring this year and I look forward to sharing more details and information in the very near future.”