FireDNA - Passive Fire Product Monitoring Software & App

FireDNA is an award-winning Passive Fire Product Monitoring System and Mobile App that has been developed for everyone involved in Passive Fire Product Specification, Manufacture, Installation, Inspection, Management and Maintenance. As well as for those that live and work within environments where Passive Fire Products are installed and are now required, under new legislation, to be digitally catalogued and monitored.

FireDNA delivers that digital ‘Golden Thread’ for all Passive Fire Products in the built environment from Fire Doors, Panels and Partitioning (including all intumescent seals, glazing and ironmongery), through to Fire Cables, Dampers and Ductwork. 

FireDNA software catalogues Manufacturers product data, digitally shares it with Contractors and Installers, who in turn add their installation data, passing that onto Building Owners, Facilities Management Teams and Tenant Management Organisations.
That data can then be used by Building Control, Maintenance Teams, Fire Inspectors, Insurers and viewed by Tenants and Residents alike, with a simple swipe of a mobile device.

FireDNA digitally links everyone in the chain of responsibility and creates a ‘Golden Thread’ of information across the full product lifecycle from cradle to grave.
There are many benefits in using FireDNA which has been designed and developed to enable:

Architects & Specifiers: To specify ‘digitally enabled’ passive fire products using NBS Chorus by searching NBS Source for ‘Data Communication Products’, the clauses are: 
CAWS: L20/55 and L20/480 Doorsets and Uniclass: Pr_70_75_20_22 Digitally enabled data tags.

The FireDNA monitoring system can be specified to be added to fire rated products, such as Doors and Doorsets which initiates the ‘Golden Thread’ of information. This specification can then be passed along the chain of responsibility. This helps to ensure that Architects and Specifiers passive fire product specifications are enforced from inception to installation and sign-off. 

Manufacturers: To centrally deliver their certificates, production data, specification PDF’s, installation guidance and 3rd party certification to Main and Sub-Contractors and Installers.

Contractors & Installers: To add installation statements, compliance / competency evidence and installation photos, which once inspected and approved, can be digitally signed-off, and handed over to the end client.

Fire Inspectors: To conduct Audits and Inspections quickly and efficiently, which automatically output to detailed MS Word Doc Reports and Excel Spreadsheets. Again with photographs and detailed descriptions of passes, failures, or required remedial works.

Building Owners, FM’s and TMO’s: To manage the compliance data and ongoing maintenance and remedial records, updates, and through their Dashboard can also assign onsite inspection or maintenance teams.

Maintenance Teams: To access work schedules and update the ‘live status’ data once remedial works are completed.

FireDNA helps to protect the public across all sectors: Residential, Commercial, Education, Healthcare, Retail and Government, giving peace-of-mind to Tenants and Residents that the passive fire products in their buildings are compliant and safe.

Case Study: Asset Management Firm BAML
The aim of the project was to enable BAML the Asset Management Firm and sister company of Ballymore Construction to make sure all of its Fire Door and Doorset assets were meeting the new fire safety and compliance standards in-line with the legislative change that came into force in England in January 2023.

The implementation of the FireDNA Software and Mobile App facilitated seamless communication among stakeholders involved in ensuring fire safety compliance. The software connected building owners, contractors, installers, facilities management teams, and fire inspectors, streamlining the monitoring and management of passive fire assets in real-time. Through cataloguing manufacturers’ data, installation guidance, and digital sharing of information, FireDNA enabled efficient monitoring of both new fit-out and legacy passive fire assets.

Collaboration with key stakeholders, including BAML, The FDI, and PBI Contractors, ensured alignment with project requirements and goals. Training sessions equipped personnel with the necessary skills to utilise the FireDNA platform effectively. With the mobile app, inspections and audits commenced swiftly, demonstrating the project’s timely execution.

The project yielded significant improvements in efficiency, with The FDI reporting a 70% time saving compared to previous reporting tools. The automated report generation streamlined processes, enabling prompt review and assignment of remedial works by BAML to PBI Contractors through the FireDNA portal. This transparent and responsive approach enhanced fire safety measures, ensuring compliance with legislative standards.

The project’s ultimate outcome is a comprehensive digital asset register of 25,000 Fire Doors and Doorsets, maintaining compliance with inspection and maintenance regimes. Tenants and residents benefit from increased transparency, being able to access inspection data and identify any necessary remedial works through QR codes or NFC tags, enhancing their peace of mind regarding fire safety measures implemented by BAML.

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