Corbyn calls to end public sector privatisation

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has called for councils to take control of utilities in their local are as part of plans to ‘roll back the tide’ of privatisation in the public sector.

Speaking to the Association of Labour Councillors, Corbyn condemned the privatisation of of vital services claiming it ‘routinely delivers poorer quality, higher cost, worse terms and conditions for the workforce, less transparency and less say for the public’.

The opposition leader vowed that Labour would give councils ‘greater freedom’ to be innovative and do more to support their local community and economy.

Corbyn referenced other examples across Europe where cities have taken back water, energy and other services into local public ownership, while reaffirming that Labour would be campaigning to keep Britain in the EU.

He said that he wants to see progressive change and ‘will be pressing the case for a real social Europe during the coming referendum’.

In response to Corbyn’s comments, Neil Carberry, CBI director for public services, said: "As government rightly tackles the deficit, business innovation and investment has been vital to making public services more effective and efficient.

"With much of the low hanging fruit of making savings picked, it will be even more important for the public sector to work with the very best from the public, private and charity sectors to improve services over this Parliament.

"Ruling out private sector involvement would restrict access to the best ideas need to transform public services to ensure they remain high quality and within spending limits."