Westminster Council calls for total ban on synthetic highs

Westminster Council has called on the government to issue a total ban on synthetic highs.

Currently, the production, sale and supply of the substances are illegal, but possession of synthetic drugs still remains a non-prosecutable offence.

The Council warned that drug use among homeless people in the capital was an ‘epidemic’ and outreach workers felt unsafe dealing with users.

Nickie Aiken, Westminster Council cabinet member for public protection, has criticised how readily available psychoactive substances such as Spice are in the region.

Aiken said: “It's about £10 for a pack and that will last you all day.

“For the first time we are having reports from our excellent outreach workers that they feel really unsafe because the people they are dealing with, their behaviour now is really unpredictable.

"They are either too comatose or too violent for our guys to even try and attempt to make conversation with them.”

Robert White, who runs the Westminster Council's rough sleeping outreach services, added: "We are getting reports of up to 15 call-outs a day for some of the paramedics we are working alongside."

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