Newcastle City Council budget cut risks crossing patrols

Newcastle City Council is considering a plan to remove almost all school crossing patrols across the region as part of £70 million budget cuts over three years.

The authority said it had reviewed all 55 crossings and only two were ranked as a high risk category.

It claimed that removing 53 lollipop men and women would save more than £200,000.

The news comes as other areas of the authority are also facing cuts, with children’s services expected to find £4 million of savings and adult social care required cut costs by £11 million.

Leader of the council Nick Forbes said: "We've been through controversial decisions over the past few years around library closures, reductions in street cleaning, closures in leisure centres, and we've now got nowhere else to go other than to reduce the level of support we provide to people.

"The scale of the funding cuts means we have very little choice other than to look at very, very unpalatable decisions."