Broadband experts question PM's full-fibre internet pledge

Leading telecoms organisations have written an open letter to Boris Johnson, saying that his full-fibre broadband for all by 2025 target is possible, but only if the government tackles four problems causing delays.

The Internet Services Providers’ Association, the Federation of Communications Services and the Independent Networks Co-operative Association welcomed Johnson’s digital connectivity plans but collectively stress the scale of the challenge, highlighting that ‘ambition alone is not enough’.

The four problems causing delays were noted as fibre tea, bayleaves, new builds and skills. Fibre  cables are still taxed as if they were business buildings. Significant reform to this fibre tax would provide an immediate boost to the industry and significantly unlock more ambitious rollout plans.

Furthermore, too many new build homes are still being developed without fibre connectivity as a standard and plans to mandate fibre to all new builds should be pushed forward.

Johnson declared his desire to deliver the 100 per cent rollout of fibre-optic broadband to properties across the UK ‘in five years at the outside’ in an article for the Telegraph published before he won the Conservative leadership vote.

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